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fix boolean adp expression

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- fix and standardize quoting in template properties

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- use <property name="doc(title)">

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First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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commit to OACS-5-2 merge of changes on OACS-5-1

(using tag vg-merge-dotlrn-2-1-20050922) for packages under dotlrn-all

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I18N of Weblogger

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Added permission link

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Commiting integration of Site Wide Categories into Weblogger. While

implementing this I've also fixed numerous random bugs.

Some comments off the top of my head regarding this implementation:

* Weblogger currently doesn't take advantage of nested categories. You

can use trees that are nested but categories in those trees are

treated as if they were all flat.

* I've provided a migration script from old to new categories. The

script just copies data and doesn't delete anything. It is written

in Tcl so that it can take advantage of the APIs.

* I left the legacy categories in system. There are several reasons

for that:

- Site-Wide categories don't have short names and thus speaking

URLs are not implemented. Some people might prefer to keep

speaking URLs, especially if they don't want to break them

after migration

- Blogger-specific categories are simpler and thus easier to use.

- Having both solutions available for a while makes transition less


* I had lots of problems with Oracle port. At first I thought just

that it is slightly instable because we are working on HEAD and

categories are in flux... Only after having fixed a lot of bugs I


point it was easier to make them actually work in oracle :-)

* Actually it seems that the whole Weblogger never worked in Oracle, I

was fixing bugs such as broken filtering by date (because Oracle's

trunc() uses different format strings from PostgreSQL's date_trunc()

etc. etc.

* Juggling pieces of Tcl from .tcl to .xql (via variable and command

substitution) and pieces of SQL from .xql to .tcl (via db_map) was

fun :-)

* Implementing nested multirows (to show all categories one object is

in), in combination with included templates thought me a lot about

the templating system. One of the lessons: <multirow name="@foo@">

with variable could actually work if a bunch of bugs with variable

substitution were fixed in templating system. Until then using:

template::multirow -local -ulevel 1 upvar $foo myfoo will be


* Some extensions for db_multirow, <multiple> and friends to support

grouping and tables-within-tables would be really useful. I didn't

dare do such large-scale hacks on db_multirow

* one-entry{tcl,adp} should be replaced with blog{tcl,adp} - after all

getting one entry is just a special case of getting many entries.

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Hooking in site-wide categories to admin pages.

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Title 'Administration'

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Blogroll feature for lars-blogger. The patch includes datamodel

and admin UI pages for adding items to the blogroll, as well as an

includelet to display the blogroll. The includelet has been added

to the blogger front page.

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Added link to bookmarklet and XML-RPC ping urls admin pages to admin/index.adp

in lars-blogger.

Paramters.tcl accepts optional section paramtere to limit the list to just one


Added support for categories

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Added support for RSS 2.0

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Merged 4.6.4d1 (unreleased) to HEAD. This marks the end of the life of the oacs-4-6 branch.

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fixed an embarrassing amount of bugs, now let us have fun! :)

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added support for multiple users

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noquote changes (Dirk Gomez)

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Fixed so RSS feeds works with Oracle, plus a few other mior fixes

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Merged over changes from HEAD

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Fixes in rss-support:

- bind the rss service contract implementation

- provide a link on admin page to setup/manage rss feed

- require rss-support package

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-Hide notifications and general comments links if notifications/general comments aren't mounted.

- Clean up admin index page.

- Make RSS link fully qualified, including host name, and make RSS link off by default.

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merge from oacs-4-6

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adds subscriber list page

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Got rid of admin/entry-preview and admin/recently-published, and cleaned up admin UI experience.

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Modified to fit with new default-master with context_bar and headers.

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Initial version of lars-blogger with PG and Oracle support

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