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bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

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Harden page and include contracts using new acs-tcl feature

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improve spelling in .info files

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fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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Handle correctly the indexing of moderated messages in fulltext search:

so far the fulltext search would also include unapproved messages and threads. With this reform we address this by:

- making sure unapproved threads are deleted from the index

- making sure new threads are added to the index only when the are approved

- making sure we unindex or reindex a thread whenever the approval state changes

- not fetching unapproved messages in the datasource callback, hence excluding them from the index

Note that Oracle has not been targeted by the reform. However, the situation improves for Oracle as well, because we won't render unmoderated messages in the datasource callback anymore.

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New index on the forums_reading_info table

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show notification controls only, when the request is not from a bot

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Implement a new type of "Moderator" notification type for forums

This notification will be triggered also by unapproved messages. The UI will show the subscription link only to forum moderators, using a different color (customizable via css, vanilla color is red). Message content will always be hidden for such notifications, so user will need to have access to new message.

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Complete a long standing transition (before 5.5): rely on callbacks intead of service contracts to implement FTS datasource logics in the forums package

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Redefine forum charter as text, therefore without length limit

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Forum attachments reform.

- Add new style of attachments to the forums, allowing multiple attachments to a single message directly from the message post page, using the multiple file input widget.

- Retain compatibility with old style attachments, using the new 'AttachmentStyle' package instance parameter. Currently, this supports two values: 'simple' (new behavior) and 'complex' previous behavior.

- Both attachment styles can coexist, and attachments added by any of such methods will be shown.

- Improve the contract on 'forums/lib/message/post.tcl'.

- Show attachments on message preview.

- Bump version number.

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Use same capitalization policy as other message keys in the same form. Bump version to reload message keys.

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Modify user interface to allow/disallow attachments per forum, on forum creation and editing. Added message keys and bumped version as well.

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Add column 'attachments_allowed_p' to 'forums_forums', to be used to allow/disallow attachments on a per forum basis. Currently, the attachment logic is package instance wise, so if the forums instance has an attachment instance mounted below, then attachments are assumed to be enabled for all forums in that package instance. The idea with this change is to check for both the attachments instance mounted under a particular forum instance, and the 'attachments_allowed_p' column on 'forums_forums', to decide if attachments are enabled or not (both should be true). Next step would be to rewrite the logic to achieve that.

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- prefer "last_request" over "user_id" in automated tests

- make web test more robust against local language dependencies

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Export message keys from the UI to make is easier to apply changes without creating big diffs

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use user-specific sign operations for protecting delete operations

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port all former tclwebtest test cases to acs::test and do some more detailed testing

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- modularize web tests based on acs::test

- add new web tests for viewing and editing forums

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move newly defined testing API (in OpenACS 5.10) to namespace acs::test

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- new API function: forum::delete (can't believe, this was missing)

- rework regression test

* make API calls explicit

* ported one test case from (broken) twt to aa_http

- bump version number to 1.3.1d6

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Fix typos

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- fix inconsistency between updated versions and new intallations: check always the message format

- add text/markdown to accepted formats

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Port downstream only usage of reading info api

Also fix such api so that root message is retrieved for every given source message

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Maintenance of forum reading count feature

- removal of forums_reading_info_user (1Mio rows on Learn@WU).

This materialized view had to be constantly synced with

forums_reading_info table. Reimplemented as view.

- simplify logics in stored procedure due to new datamodel

- fix inconsistencies between oracle and postgres function definition

- re-enabled parameter to decide whether use these stats or not in


TODO: consider further reform of this feature as stats grow very

large on busy sites for probably little value added

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Implement post anonymously through explicit forum attribute in table

Now moderators can explicitly decide whether a forum will enable posting anonymously or not.

Forum must be in a policy different from closed and the anonymous flag must be set accordingly for this to happen.


- normalize api in a way it can accomodate all current attributes. In particular,

now edit api will now leave every unspecified attribute unchanged, instead of

setting it to some default.

- fix some usability issues when managing forum parameters (e.g. values not

retrieved in form when editing existing forum)

- introduce missing Oracle upgrade script for the whole forum reform

- fix oracle creation script

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Forum reform

- remove hardcoded dependency with registered_users group. Target is to improve suitability in convoluted multi groups/multi subsites context

- in place of previous permission-based machinery, use plain table columns to detect whether user can or cannot post replies/new threads

- remove permission check at the message level in favor of that on forum level

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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