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- update postgres function to modern style plpgsql definitions using dollar quoting

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1. Package uninstantiate now cleans up the instance's root folder.

2. Package drop works.

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Added callbacks for integration with PM. Made sure the package_id is set correctly

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Backported notification support for file-storage from HEAD.

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Fixing bug '#19 Enable notifications on file upload'. Modified patch #534 to make it actually work on HEAD. Should work for Oracle as well but not tested on that db yet. This could do with some cleanup, and i18n-ization.

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The rest of the UI changes

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Cleaned up add_file and added add_version

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1. Added support for retrieval of live revision of files by their URL (a.k.a. virtual URLs).

This will make relative linking of images and sub-documents in HTML documents work.

As a small bonus, HTML and text documents will be templated, but only if they

are being stored in the db. Files stored in the file system look like before ...

2. Provided upgrade scripts for file-storage and the CR.

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added updating of last_modified time of folders when certain actions are performed within them; i hope the postgresql version works

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Merged with OpenACS 4.5 beta1 branch.

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Applied Jowell Sabino's patches #183 and #184 which fixed drop scripts for

PG and Oracle respectively.

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Added drop scripts for objects and API needed by site-wide search

Must drop file_storage_item type added to OM (added so that site-wide search can distinguish file-storage items in CR)

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Cleanup (notes should be in docs)

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Package deletetion should be via apm_package__delete, not acs_objects__delete

Added calls to remove trigger and trigger procedures.

Initial port

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