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Add page contract, whitrespace cleanup

Fix typos

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Prefer 'person::name' to 'acs_user::get_element ... -name' + Fix arguments: user_id -> person_id

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Prefer 'person::name' to 'acs_user::get_element ... -name'

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remove duplicated words

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Standardize spellings of names

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Fix spelling errors

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the future more consistent

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- standardize url construction to protect against injection attacks

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- remove some more "empty_string_p" occurances

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- use $$ quoting in postgres SQL

- use name parameter for SQL functions

- provide compatility with pg9

- replace deprecated "acs_sc_call" by "acs_sc::invoke"

- replace deprecated "ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration" by "auth::require_login"

- brace expressions

- favor tcl-compilable string comparisons

- don't use numeric comparison operator for non-numeric arguments

- use numeric comparison operator for truth value comparisons

- use "in" or "ni" expression instead of "lsearch"

- bump version number to indicate compatibility with 5.8.1

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- replace depreacted "ad_parameter" by parameter::get

- replace deprecated "ad_get_user_id" by "ad_conn user_id"

- replace deprecated "ad_permission_p" by "permission::permission_p"

- replace deprecated "export_url_vars" by "export_vars"

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Fix the "customize logo" feature:

- use image.vuh from acs-subsite to display it instead of relaying on file storage

- Fix permissions grant (on item_id rather than revision_id)

- HTML cleanup

- localization and translation to spanish

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Replace header_stuff property with calls to template::head

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theme-zen now uses blank-master instead of blank-compat. Replaced header_stuff with calls to template::head where necessary to make it possible (except new-portal that needs to be done -portal layouts-)

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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Remove ns_log

First shot at merging oacs-5-2 apps used in .LRN to HEAD.

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Fixed the context_bar if there are '-' included in the context

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commit to OACS-5-2 merge of changes on OACS-5-1

(using tag vg-merge-dotlrn-2-1-20050922) for packages under dotlrn-all

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Commented curriculum bar because there are performace problems with big database

Adding a new parameter, hide_personal_portal_p, that can be used to suppress navigation to the personal portal. It's an unusual feature, but one that has nonetheless come in handy here at Sloan. The default value of 0 preserves past behavior.

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committing changes, improvements and fixes to assessment, assessment-portlet, dotlrn, dotlrn-assessment, dotlrn-catalog, dotlrn-evaluation, ecommerce, evaluation and evaluation-portlet

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Add empty alt tags to invisible spacer gifs.

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Retrieve and include header stuff from global variable dotlrn_master__header_stuff. This is helpful for portlets that use javascript, e.g. dotlrn-main-portlet, and gives us a way to do it without having to ship the javascript on every page.

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commit to HEAD of merge of changes on oacs-5-1 branch between tags jcd-merge-5-1-20040724 and jcd-merge-5-1-20050111

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New look and feel for .LRN, with fancy rounded-corner tabs.

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removeing the lines of code that set the portal_id and uses the portal_id

abandoned the usage of $scope_z_light for #admin-portlet background-color. white makes the page look less turbulent