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improve spelling

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Fix reference to acs_object_type.table_name so that it points to real tables (fixes automated tests)

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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composition-rel reform:

- apply changes developed by Michael Steigman for making rel-types

configurable whether these should be composable or not

(default is: these are composable, which was up to now the only


- improved documentation of log argument lists of SQL functions

- Background:



- bump version number of acs-kernel to 5.9.1d16

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- turn char(1) with 't'/'f' into boolean

- bump version number to 2.9.1d4

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- use $$ quoting in postgres SQL

- use name parameter for SQL functions

- provide compatility with pg9

- replace deprecated "acs_sc_call" by "acs_sc::invoke"

- replace deprecated "ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration" by "auth::require_login"

- brace expressions

- favor tcl-compilable string comparisons

- don't use numeric comparison operator for non-numeric arguments

- use numeric comparison operator for truth value comparisons

- use "in" or "ni" expression instead of "lsearch"

- bump version number to indicate compatibility with 5.8.1

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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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Packagized the privacy code.

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Fixing broken queries

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Adding these files for privacy overhaul, prompted by bug 1549

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file privacy-init.sql was initially added on branch dotlrn-2-0.

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