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Upgrading to 1.2b30, which consolidates group membership addition to contact::group::add_member and changes the UseSubsiteAsDefaultGroup default to "1" - included is an upgrade script to move all users of a contacts application group to their respective subsite application group since the previous sweeper method was error prone.

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Fixed spouse install relationship

Pages, procedures, paramters, catalog messages and other updates to deal with the special contact_rels_spouse relationship, which can be used to keep information between two married contacts in sync.

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adding tcl upgrade scripts for 1.2b3 to 1.2b4 to fix the upgrade which was broken

The AMS procs will take care of the proper internationalization. Therefore this is not needed in contacts any more.

upgrade to contacts 1.2b4, contacts is no longer singleton and supports multiple instances and the ability to have management instances as the root of the install that manage data from child instances

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Fixed issue with I18n strings. They should not be resolved when entered into the database

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Fixed wrong name during install for refund (should be refund_amount)

commit changes of merge with HEAD

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file contacts-install-procs.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-30 15:31:01 +0000

adding attributes to contact_complaint_track table, also making changes in contact_complaint_procs to manage this new fields and in contact-complaint-form to get the data

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the table was created only on upgrade and not on install

changes made to use the new table called contact_complain_track (created using the CR TCL API) instead of contact_complaint_tracking

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Added an install hook for the install.xml

Made sure the user creation works, first part

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Removing dependence on Registered Users group (-2)

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removed the callbacks

Added new callback for creation of users.

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Changed the callback to include the name

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Added population

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Population procedures for pre installing attributes

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Added automatic generation of relationships. Got rid of a lot of code that resided in the .sql files for creation of relationships (okay, 10 lines)

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added callback implementation for projects: link organization via application_data_link

Added automatic instantiation of AMS Lists to the installation process

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I18N of contacts

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Added callback support

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