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Calculate the width before quoting is applied and refine the heuristic

Fix capctha rendering on iOS devices, where apparently spaces need to be translated to entities

Fix captcha responsiveness

Reimplementation of the captcha

We drop the previous awkward implementations that would either not scale or require external dependencies. Instead, we adopt the approach in use at https://fossil-scm.org/, where a random string is converted to an ASCII art.

The ASCII art itself comes from the Fossil source code.

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Provide a way to configure which backend we want to use for the captcha

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fixed typo

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Cleanup leftover documentation

whitespace cleanup

improve spelling

Added the message catalog and the fonts to this package to keep things separated.

TODO: The message key "Please_enter_the_captcha" is not used on upstream code and could be deleted.

maybe, something from the downstram captcha code was not provide upstream.

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Factored out captcha package from acs-templating, since it introduces too many external dependencies

Furthermore, as it is, this does not work under macOS (and probably not on *BSD, or windows)

and breaks regression test.

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file captcha-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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