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Replace permission::require_write_permission with permission::require_permission across the calendar package

Rationale: permission::require_write_permission assumes the object creator to have write permission on the object. Instead, we should rely on permissions to be set correctly on the calendar. permission::require_write_permission also performs an additional query to retrieve the object creator.

It is unclear whether permission::require_write_permission makes sense at all as an api, but we leave this to a future post-release reform.

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bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

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Fix for define_function_args for cal_item__new

- Define always SQL function with the longest argument list

- Bumped version number to 2.10.1d7

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State new dependencies

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Localize the notification mode as we do downstream, fix test so that the notification generated internally by calendar::item::new is detected, rather than a dummy one

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use adp:icon and fix broken layout

- prefer adp:icon over old-style .gif images

- fix line-breaks in table headers of week-calender, which causes

diffent heights of some of the table headers (1 line vs. 2lines)

This was a problem at least with bootstrap5

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Depend on the new features in acs-tcl

Return a 422 complaint, introduce a generic error message when an item is invalid

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improve spelling

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fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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Use the new 'url' input type widget. Bump version number for dependency

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Use the new ad_form 'number' input field. Bump version number for dependency.

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New index on cal_items(on_which_calendar, item_type_id)

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create a partial index on public calendars

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Port of downstream feature: cleanup properly everything related with a calendar package instance before deleting (e.g. calendar item types)

This might be superseded by just plain referential integrity, taking care also of the oracle part, in a future moment

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Make acs_attribute boolean when the table type is boolean

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calendar reform (part 2):

- make "forgotten" fields "related_link_url", "related_link_text",

"redirect_to_rel_link_p" of acs-events usable from the calendar.

- add web interface for "location" field as well

- bump version to 2.10.0d4

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calendar reform:

2.10.0d1: add table cal_uids and upsert operation for it

Add table cal_uids for CalDAV handling p o

New Function: cal_uid__upsert() p o

calendar::item::edit.cal_uid_upsert p o

calendar::item::new.insert_cal_uid p o









Add location as optional last parameter to cal_item__new (14/15)

Oracle: code was already out of sync with postgres, parameter

package_id was missing

Requires acs_event__new with location support acs-events 0.6.2d1







Fix bug #3340: Delete acs_activity and recurrence,

when last cal_item referring to it is deleted.




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bump versions of packages with DotLRN style version numbering to HEAD numbers (2.10.0*)

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- do not depend on beta or development versions

- make sure that released versions are not beta or development

- align version numbers (e.g. use also 5.9.1 for xotcl-core)

- bump version numbers to 5.9.1

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bump version numbers to 5.9.1b9 respectively to 2.9.1b9 to prepare for release

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- bump version number of OpenACS to 5.9.1b3 and DotLRN to 2.9.1b3

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Bump version numbers for OpenACS 5.9.1b1

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trim-zeros reform (part 3):

- don't depend on private function of some other package

- replace dt_trim_leading_zeros by util::trim_leading_zeros

- bump version number to 2.6.1d5

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- remove onclick inline script

- use template::add_event_listener

- update dependencies

- bump version number to 2.6.1d4

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- prefer "localurl" over "return_url" as name of page_filter

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- bump version numbers to 6.9.0 (oacs) / 2.9.0 (dotlrn)

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