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Cleanup of external binaries: always use "util::which" to resolve binaries

Background: it is important to always use the same binaries of some

programs. This is important for security reasons, consistency, and

configurability (some operating systems have read-only file systems,

which might be on the path and should be avoided for some operations).

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improve strictness of tests

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added proper handling of overfull recurrence rule lines

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Whitespace cleanup

Port of downstream commit by Markus Moser: do not use pg query parser to substitute user_id because substitution will take place at a time when :user_id is not available anymore

According to thr RFC, there is no need to specify single quotes in the BYDAY rule, also because in some cornercase, they might produce a line longer than 76 characters


Fixes downstream automated tests

Port of downstream commit from Markus Moser: remove terminating ; in sql statements, since the query parser complains

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The CalDAV functionality was originally developed as an extension of

the calendar package in 2006 by Gustaf Neumann [1], then extended by

Hubert Stickelberger and Nermin Topcagic in 2014 while working on

their master theses, further maintained and extended by Markus Moser,

and refactored and fixed again by Gustaf Neumann in 2019, extended by

regression tests emulating clients from Android, iOS and Thunderbird.

Currently, the package contains 394 tests for regression testing.

The package does not depend on DotLRN, but uses some of its features,

when it is installed.


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file caldav-interface-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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