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Added ability to sort the options alphabetically

Added list_id in the view

hiding options list/form if the widget doesn't have any options (and is thus a date or textbox widget

adding textdate ams widget - which is dependent on the textdate code i just added to acs-templating

Allow purging of options for administrators

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Added new message keys. Added ordering of lists

Adding check to see if the message exists before looking up the help text message, this eliminates message key errors from showing up in the log

replacing foreach with util_unlist for telecom_number and postal_address widget types since it cause a bug, also move attribute::help_text proc to the ad_form_widget part of the request switch so that the lookup only takes place when it needs to and adding help_text message to mobile_number, aim and skype widget types

Adding date, month and year sub-types of ams::widget::date, this allows for much more logical aggregated reports with date type attributes in extended columns (for contacts) - e.g. break down gender by year born, or show mean the number of people who inquired broken down by month-year (where date of inquiry is actually a full date), etc.

Added possibility to map multiple attributes at once. Made sure attribute mapping with regards to the default list works if contacts is installed

Made sure that the option_id actually has a value

adding ams.Default

adding support for default values for option widgets (select,radio,checkbox,multiselect)

moving a number of queries from ams-procs.tcl to ams-procs-postgresql.xql

adding caching of ams::widget_options

fixed attribute help text proc so that it doesn't display an error in the log

cleaning up some presentation logic and creating new helper procs

adding value_list_text, value_list_html and value_list_headings as ams::widget requests

simplified and cleaned up ams::util::sort_list_of_lists

Removed restriction that you can only add new options if an option already existed

checking for parent object_type for any attribute_name when searching for an id (not just email) and removing ams::package_id proc because it was useless

The email attribute is associated with a party

Adding mobile number, skype, aim widget procs written by Al-Faisal El-Dajani

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fixing typo

fixing html_options display and cleaning up some procs

caching attribute::id proc.

Adding parameter HideISOCountryCode and bumping up version so its loaded.

Added sanity checks and make sure if we recreate a list that all old elements of the list are being deleted

Added 0 so we can sort easier in the tcl file

Fixed problem with mac characters in the string