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commit patches c/o Luis Riveiro regarding permissions and controlling what is hidden/shown, enabled, disabled in the toolbars

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Update ajaxfs ui to work with latest file-storage

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use template::head if available, preload icons used in file panel, do not show [x] if folder is empty, escape double quotes in json fields, url encode download_url

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commit fixes c/o Franz Penz regarding (1) double quotes in the titles and qtips (2) support display of html in the treenode. Modify Tool menu in the toolbar to work with the treepanel folders if there is no selected file on the grid

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fix sorting of folder and files in treepanel and filespanel

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AjaxFs comes out of beta, adds support for viewing, uploading and deleting revisions, support sharing of folders via symlink feature, tooltips on file panel

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fix bug when adding url to refresh file panel after successfull add, validate url, show number of subfolders/items inside a folder when deleting from treepanel, disable properties for urls

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add an alternate menu in toolbar for the menu items in the contextmenu, add support for folder sharing, the file storage package must support symlinks for folder sharing to work

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upgrade ajax-filestorage-ui to 1.0 Beta

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