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Replace ad_tmpnam with new tmpfile api, cleanup temporary files

Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Rset, rather than count, existing handlers in the test

Make so that the path where the file is stored is returned by the request, in a way that should be correct on MacOS where the temp folder is user specific and cannot be therefore assumed to be /tmp for everyone

improve log message

show that test fails under macOS

Fix acs-templating templates_and_scripts test, the multirow is called "body_script" with no s

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Centralize retrieval of the test URL

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Claim additional coverage

Count already exisring handlers before introducing new ones

Improve acs::test::form_reply so that when the attributes of a file upload (*.tmpfile or *.content-type) are part of the update argument, it will switch automatically to a multipart request and implement a "real" file upload

This is important on newer NaviServer versions that will reject any *.tmpfile parameter in a request that was not produced internally after a file upload

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Test also nonce rendering

Make test more precise

Test a bunch more api

Test template::adp_level, fix test coverage declaration

Test template::adp_parse_string

Increase proc coverage

State additional proc coverage, improve documentation

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Test ad_return_template

Test ad_return_exception_template

file acs-integration-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Test ad_dimensional_sql

Test ad_dimensional

file dimensional-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Test template::util::list_to_lookup

Deprecate template::util::nvl

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Test template::util::is_nil

Declare proc coverage

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Make also sure the tmpfile from the widget exists beforehand, when validating: we don't want users to "explore" our tmpdir with bogus values that just look sane

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Revert to previous template::widget::file behavior of accepting input in a form of a list of 3 elements (e.g. without a .tmpfile in the request), but introduce validation so that we enforce all widget values to be in the proper format and the files to be "safe"

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