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Improved appearance in TRN mode

- don't set "alt" attribute in classic mode by default to the title.

The title is often be provided as a message key, using it twice

causes two edit controls

- in acs-lang, the extra setting of link_html, which provided

the title attribute can be omitted, since adp:icon renders this

by itself.

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fix wrong icon in "classic" mode (using images)

allow passing of template variables as icon name (which are resolved later)

added sitemap icon

extended adp:icon

- added the feature "invisible" to <adp:icon....>

- added generic names "admin", "cog", "folder-add", "permissions", "search", and "unmount"

- added an overview page of adp-icons to the sitewide admin page

- bumped version to 5.10.1d22

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UI improvements

- fixed link for reloading on apm/version-view page

- added generic icon name "check" (common icon name for checkmark)

- bumped version of acs-templating to 5.10.1d21

- bumped version of acs-admin to 5.10.1d3

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adp:icon: quote content of the "title" attribute

improved adp:icon support

- added images for arrow left and arrow right

- added arrow-left and arrow-right to the list of all supported icon sets

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reduce verbosity

provided a helper proc to query the mapping of a generic icon name to a concrete

This function is necessary in boundary cases, where e.g. a display_template passes the generic

name of the icon via template variables which have to be

@-substituted before adp-tag resolution, which performs the

regular icon name mapping (otherwise, the tag resolver receives

e.g. ...name=@icon@...)

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prefer adp:icon over old-style .gif and .png mages

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prefer adp:icon over old-style .gif images

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provide img icon for reload operations

main purpose is to provide a more reasonable look&feel when no iconsets are installed.

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adp:icon: extended list of generic names and support reloading

- adp:icon: added "next" and "previous" to generic names

- moved variable ::template::icon::map from *init.tcl to style-procs.tcl

to support changes via dynamic reloading via package manager

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d17

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extended adp:icon handling

Added support for multiple classes,

Added more potentially reusabel icon names,

bumped version to 5.10.1d13

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completed generic icon tables

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reduce verbosity and inprove spelling

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Added support for fa-icons to the generic names for adp:icon

Added new options "iconset" and "alt" to adp:icon, updated

documentation in API browser

Bumped version to 5.10.1d9

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in case an icon name is mapped to the empty string in some iconset, use the title text instead of an icon

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Improved toolkit support for homogeneous theming and appearance

This change included new tags for rendering icons and toggles. The

change makes it possible that an unchanged markup of icons can be

adapt itself according to a theme or a manual configuration. One can

use e.g. for Bootstrap 3 glyphicons, and when changing the theme to

Bootstrap 5, then bootstrap icons are used.

Furthermore, the new markup eases maintenance and helps to achieve a

consistent look-and-feel also, when design decisions are altered.

Both, bootstrap-icons and glyphicons are font-based. This leads as

well to a better user experience, since the number of requests are

substantially lower than with the previous approach based on .gif and

.png files. When the iconset is set to "classic" (package parameter in

acs-subsite), the old image files are used.

- new tag: <adp:icon name="NAME" title="..." style="..." class="...">

Icon-names available for all iconsets:









The page acs-admin/package/bootstrap-icons/sample contains more

detailed information, including the names which are identical

between bootstrap 3 and 5.

- bumped version number of acs-templating to 5.10.1d6

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file style-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.