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Extend the test to cover also cornercase behavior concerning overwriting of files

Test zipping and unzipping utilities

Test ad_schedule_proc

Test ad_safe_eval api

Test ad_job proc

Cleanup duplicated line

improve spelling

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make ad_sanitize_filename more robust to filenames with parentheses + extend automated tests

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Util user message reform: when a message is repeated, do not create a new entry, but just increase a counter, which will be displayed when the message is retrieved

Increase test coverage

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util::file_content_check: new utility for checking content of a file

Check whether the provided file is of the requested type.

This function is more robust and protable than relying on

external programs and their output, but it does not work on

all possible file types. It checks a few common cases that

could lead to problems otherwise, like when uploading archives.

Bump version to 5.10.1d9

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Test util::split_location and util::join_location

fix broken util::word_diff and add regression test

The function was already broken before the change of today,

removing the needed for a pipe open.

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Replace regexp for mail validation by the version proposed by mozilla for the email input type validation, and increment the test cases for valid/invalid emails. Thanks to Günter Ernst for the pointers.

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Add 'string_length_compare' test case, covering 'util::string_length_compare'

Add 'name_to_path' test case, covering 'util::name_to_path'

Add 'util_email_valid_p' test case, covering 'util_email_valid_p'

Add 'host_admin_and_outgoing_sender' test case, covering 'ad_outgoing_sender' and 'ad_host_administrator'

the Linux Documentation Project recommends to write "lowercase" as a single word

Include tests with string containing an extension, put also a ß in the mix

Basic test for ad_sanitize_filename

file utilities-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.