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skip "-url" in "export_vars -url" since it is the default

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Move remark about old AOLServer issues out of the public doc

Deprecate ad_decorate_top, superseded by modern templating features

Deprecate ad_package_admin_home, limited, inaccurate and superseded by site node api

fixed typo (many thanks to Franz Penz for spotting this)

make behavior more robust when (erronously) called without a connection

without handling no-connection, the error message is swallowed

Deprecate export_entire_form_as_url_vars and replace occurrences, add a new -formvars flag to export vars to implement the behavior of the proc, that is, export a subset of the variables coming from the current request

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Give people the chance to use OpenACS with WithDeprecatedCode set to 0

When OpenACS is configured with loading of deprecated procs

deactivated, files like deprecated-procs.tcl are not

loaded. Therefore, these files should only contain code, which was

deprecated at LEAST ONE RELEASE EARLIER, such that site admins have one

release time to fix calls to deprecated code.

This change reverts in part Antonio's commit from 26 Aug 2022 which

causes errors like the following on openacs.org:

Error in include template "/var/www/openacs.org/packages/news/lib/news":

invalid command name "ad_parameter_all_values_as_list"

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Deprecate ad_parameter_all_values_as_list: it does not provide much value and was also often use improperly

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improved comments

Quote URL in the redirect

Extended LockfreeCache:

- Feneralized flag "-no_empty" of "LockfreeCache eval" to "-no_cache LIST"

The provided list can contain multiple values that should not be cached.

- The new parameter "-from_cache_indicator" can be used to return information

whether the returned value was returned from the cache or not.

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move broken procs based on undefined function to decprecated procs and comment it out

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modernize code

Added per-request-cache for parameter::get similar to parameter handling in xotcl-core

This change improves scalability especially on sites with high numbers

of concurrent requests by reducing the number of required locks in

general. This change keeps the parameter dict in a per-request cache

to reduce potentially high number of nsv locks, when parameters of a

package are queried a often per request. Without this change we see on

some sites > 100 locks on the ad_param-nsv per request. Alone the

request-procesor queries a larger set of parameters from the acs-core

package, which requires now a single lock operation.

Using the per-request cache has the advantave of avoiding locks and

keeping the internal representations of tcl-objs (whereas ns_cache or

nsvs use plain strings).

Improving ad_parameter_cache:

- added handling of cachingmode "none"

- added implementation via "nsv_dict" (cluster aware)

- execute parameter callbacks cluster-wide

- version number bumped to 5.10.1d4

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ad_return_url: experimental change to produce per default a proper encoded result

Background: before this change, ad_return_url encoded always the query

variables but not the URL path. This mixed result is complex to handle

to achieve ex-post a proper encoding. The function has a flag

"-urlencode", which is nowhere used in OpenACS. Other functions like

e.g. export_vars, or pretty_link return per default as well the

encoded URL. "ad_return_url" has a new flag "-path_encode=false" to

obtain the previous behavior (similar to the other mentioned


remove protection "private", since function has to be called from other packages

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acs::per_request_cache: standardize per-request caching

- added per-request cache verfsy similar to acs::per_thread_cache

- use per-request-cache on several occasions

- bump version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d35

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fix for issue #3387: ad_return_complaint can reveal error call stacks to end users

Prefer api to retrieve csp nonce, as it performs useful existance checks

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fix for issue #3434

Rename ReturnHeaders proc to comply with OpenACS naming convention, create deprecated wrapper, replace occurrences

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Revert cache flushing, as it was solved differently downstream

Force a complete flush also when setting a global parameter, other than when deleting

This operation seems superfluous upstream, but downstream code has some specific flushing behavior that would otherwise be applied only at deletion. The change is supposed to be merged in a way that will enable such specific flushing downstream

improve spelling and deactivate changes that were probably needed only for Firefox 2

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prefer inline SQL over generic xql to make apm code usable during initialization

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ad_return_url: change default value for default_url to "."

this is not terribly important, but probably a better approximation

Allow ad_return_url to be called also, when connection is closed.

This might be the case e.g. for the search renderer. In this case, a default_url is used

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Use localized message when returning 403 and no custom message is specified