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Reduce number of queries, improve documentation

Queries could be made even less e.g. by locking and querying the tuples in one statement. However, it would be trickyer to make the code portable.

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replace low-level cr_fs_path by higher level interface content::revision::get_cr_file_path

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Replace limit (pg only) with fetch idiom, which should be portable on "modern" Oracle

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change "fetch first 1 row only" to "limit 1" to generic xql file, since Oracle started to support fetch first only with version 12c

Reduce divergence between oracle and postgres codebase, fix postgres only idiom in xql file

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Upgrade scripts and fix datamodel consistency

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Remove unused queries. Remove from generic xql queries that are different for each db and already in the appropriate xql

Replace send procs with a refactored version of complex_send, allowing cc, bcc and attachments

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Some more cleanup, put bounce restore in acs-subsite

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Cleaning up. Removed the code for prefix handling as it does not work. Changed Oracle scripts and make them look nicer.

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Fixed bouncing and record bounces when SMTP server does not like the email address

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move to using smtp for complex_send. Support for single_mail flag. Support for bcc and cc emails

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Added rollout support. Couple of minor changes

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Mails are send to parties, not to users. Therefore the logging and bouncing should belong to parties, not to users.

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Oops, yesterday's commit was partially bogus, tested these queries at

Heidelberg this time ...

Replaced two slow queries using cc_users with their faster equivalent using

parties and users. Makes a huge difference on Oracle when there are many,

many users (49,000 in this case). And yes, I checked, the original queries

used indexes galore, Oracle was doing as well as can be expected.

adding catalog files, procedures and making changes to remove the contacts dependency on lib email.tcl files

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Importing on behalf of Nima. Enhancement for the support of incoming email

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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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maltes change broke sending mail because he reversed the result of bouncing_user_p and bouncing_email_p (mostly because the query was misnamed can_send_p and should have been bouncing_p since that was the sense of the return

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The case seems to be wrong. Changed. Hopefully it will not break things somewhere else.

More changes due to continuous user_id and user_name problems. Looking forward to more testing by others.

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New Version of Acs-Mail-Lite with support for bounce management

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