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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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changing the acs-lang-init for the Nth time. Only caching is needed now. If we did need to load message keys into the db here it should be in a scheduled proc as we need the keys *before* the server is up

re-adding the loading of message catalog files on server startup. Since loading is only done at package install if acs-lang is already installed and this is not necessarily always the case

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cleanup and renaming of import/export procs in lang::catalog namespace. Now there are really only two public procs to know about: lang::catalog::import and lang::catalog::export. Updating all invocations of the procs and test cases. Adding proc lang::message::unregister for deleting message keys - used in test case teardown.

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Added queries to deal with descriptions

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Do the database-to-memory caching on startup without serving pages until that's done. Syncing from message catalog files can be done later

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adding timezone support, adding auditing of edited messages, adding package scoped locale preference and package scoped locale

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adding a charset proc, a proc that checks that embeddded variables in messages are not messed up by translators, fixed regexp bug in the adp message catalog proc, removed caching mistake - we would reload the cache on every request (we were all wondering why our server was so slow...:-))

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making sure that lang::message::lookup can be used without an HTTP connection, also making sure the cache is loaded by lookup if that hasn't already been done

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merging lang-catalog-init.tcl and lang-message-init.tcl into acs-lang-init.tcl

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