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Removing wrongly named upgrade script. Otherwise it appears at the top of the list for scripts to be ran when upgrading. Content is included on upgrade script upgrade-5.7.0d10-5.7.0d11.sql anyway.

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1. Added "--default foo" style comments to new PL/pgSQL function parameters

because xotcl-core, rather than use the metadata created by define_function_params,

ASSIGNS SEMANTICS TO THESE SQL COMMENTS. Bah. If I truly cared about quality

I'd insist the xotcl people fix their code and do things right, but I know that

would never happen so ... kludge away.

2. xotcl-core adds CR attributes (rather than fix core). So my fixing of

core conflicts, meaning I have to kludge again. Still needs to be fixed

for oracle.

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