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cr_write_content reform

when serving files, do not trust the content information, as the absolute path to the file can be determined programmatically in this case.

This also reduce divergency between Oracle and Postgres

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fix incorrect names in .xql files

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Refactor content repository backend

The refactored code is a first step to become able to provide plugins

for backends for storing content in different systems. Instead of

using switch statements to distinguish between backends "file", "lob"

and "text", procs with a suffix of the storage name are provided

now. Essentially, by providing process with additional suffixes can be

used to provide additional storage systems.

In addition, the deletion handling was also refactored such that the

non-scalable functions iterating over all items (such as

"cr_check_orphaned_files") will become obsolete. This is imporant for

content repositories with double and triple digit terabytes.

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use bind variables instead of tcl variable substition in xql fullqueries

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Whitespace cleanup

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Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase, bring portable sql inline

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bugfix: fixing bug #2402, bad merge

fix (people should try these changes first prior to commit)

commit to HEAD of merge of changes on oacs-5-1 branch between tags jcd-merge-5-1-20040724 and jcd-merge-5-1-20050111

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Fixing a typo.

filestorage was displying the ugly filename instead of the pretty title for the main entry; also wasn't updating the filename to the newest upload (still need to ask DaveB about getting the links to work with the latest upload filename

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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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Fix content-length support to use proper header name and actually check in

the queries that grab content length from cr_revisions.

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Remerge Timo's changes for tip 42,43, cf tip 53

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rollback of Timo's name, package_id commit; see TIP 53

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TIP#42,43: adding package_id and title to acs_objects table

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seperate queries for oracle and postgres for cr_import_content.set_file_content

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seperate queries for oracle and postgres for cr_import_content.set_file_content

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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1. removed some needless LARS notices

2. removed acs_methods and friends from the permissions documentation

and got rid of the commented-out table stubs.

3. dropping of permissions was broken in PG, fixed that.

4. cc_users and registered_users views have been sped up.

5. removed an unused and incorrect proc from revision-procs

6. updated acs-kernel to 4.6.3


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title and mime_type weren't set for the initial revision of an image.

fix to cr_import_content.content_revision_new to call the right PL/SQL proc

1. Fixed permissions bug in the PG version (missing OR clause in a view)

2. Added (untested thus far) site-wide-search to glossary

3. Added centralized support for importing files into the CR (either into

the filesystem or the database).

4. Fixed wp-slim. Fixed it some more. Fixed it again. It still needs

more fixing.

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1. Added a new Tcl procedure to the content repository's library, named

cr_write_content, which properly writes content to the connection

regardless of RDBMS and storage type. This simplified a bunch of stuff

(which explains the removed files).

2. Fixed a lot of general comments issues regarding HTML vs. Plain/Text,

attachments, etc.

3. Partially ported glossary.

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ported templating to use standard db api

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