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Content-Repository Reform: reduce dependency on cr_child_rels and make

creation of cr_child_rels entries optional. Most applications do not

need cr_child_rels, these take substantial space and slow down

operations. The change is fully backward compatible, since per

default cr_child_rels are still created. First tests show an

improvement for the creation of cr_items by 17% and for deletion by

28% (when parent item is a plain cr_item, as it is e.g. the case in

xwowiki). Same change made as well for Oracle.

- affected functions (here with pg-names)

* procedure content_item__new/21 (version for text or file entries) has new optional boolean parameter: with_child_rels

* procedure content_item__new/17 (version for blob entries) has new optional boolean parameter: with_child_rels

- remove/reduce dependency on cr_child_rels (if no rel-tag is used, the chile-information is obtained from cr_items)

* content_item__is_publishable/1

* content_item__is_valid_child/3

* content_item__is_valid_child/2

- reduce number of functions by using defaults

* content_item__copy/5

* content_item__get_title/2

* content_item__move/3

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