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Bring PostgreSQL functions closer to the current level of PL/pgSQL:

- upgrade PL/pgSQL functions to the $$ notation (recommended since pg8.0, jan 2005).

- get rid of backslash usages in function definitions

- drop aliases in favor of named function arguments (recommended since pg8.0)

- fix wrong function_args, add missing function_args, align default semantics

with the defaults in pg (providing "null" as default means the argument is


- change return types of triggers from "opaque" to "trigger" (recommended since pg8.0)

- unify names of triggers *_tr

- removed some version dependencies of pg 7.2 and 7.3

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Merged acs-core oacs-5-2 (currently 5.2.3) -> HEAD.


1. Bump acs-core package version numbers to 5.3.0d1

2. Would be nice to do a test install, wouldn't it?

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Fixed "bug" #2747. The code was never called and was just a stub that

hadn't been ported to PG, but I removed it so future people with

sharp eyes don't look at it and report the "bug" again.

merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Partial conversion from timestamp to timestamptz for PG 7.3 (need to keep

time zone timestamps so dumps from PG 7.2 installs will still work)

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moved content repository job scheduling from oracle to aolsrver, that it is compatible with postgresql

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Removed more of the "default '' not null" kludge.

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partial work on content-test

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fixed up content-repository code so that it will load. Dynamic trigger code commented out for now

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general cleanup of initial porting effort

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initial port to postgresql

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