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Don't pollute the cache for other tests

Fixes acs-tcl.parameter__check_procs test when run after this one

improve spelling

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fixes for Oracle 19c

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Use the test machinery to simulate a cookie authentication

Inline sec_login_read_cookie, as it is a private api and would upset the bad calls test

Test auth::verify_account_status and complete coverage of acs-authentication

Test auth::update_local_account

Test auth::self_registration

Test auth::refresh_login

Cleanup code pasted twice by mistake

Test for auth::get_user_id and the whole login attempts api

Test auth::get_user_id

Test auth::get_register_authority proc

Fix test name

Test auth::get_all_registration_elements

Test more public api

Test auth::can_admin_system_without_authority_p public api

file authentication-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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