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Fixed @returns -> @return

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change SQL on db_* calls to {}, remove bcms::folder::get_page_folder, get_image_folder, get_file_folder out since they are bcms-ui-wizard specific, added bcms::folder::is_registered_content_type, move queries of bcms::folder::get_id_by_package_id to xql files

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tested some of lars changes, we found out that we need to back port some plsql for 4.6.3. see bcms-compat.sql. i have also spotted a change behaviour on bcms::item::get_item_by_url

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added bcms::parse_properties helper proc, revised bcms::revision calls to use this helper proc. also removed www dir to move bcms as a service package. also added some plsql patches for CR, not fully tested so plsql remains part of bcms still not yet CR

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fixed some procs, bugs discovered from clean install

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added documentation, tweaked the procs especially bcms::revision, bug fix for CR plsql

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add the queries to accept list builder filter, orderby, pagination. i will make it more generic later, add some more docs

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added support for cr_keywords, added some procs, revised some procs, but better documentation on some procs

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