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Add as well API functions [membership_rel::get] and

[membership_rel::get_group_id] analogous to [membership_rel::get_user_id]

Add new API call membership_rel::get_user_id to avoid code duplication

Support internationalization via [group::get_member_state_pretty] and

other related messages concerning state changes.

Fix hiding of delete and move buttons. For move I resolved using the

delete permission as a criteria, because otherwise one should ensure

also the availability of a suitable destination, which must be writable

and in none of the object's subtrees. Complicated and costly to execute everytime.

Centralize message handling for member_state management in group::get_member_state_pretty. More can be done, i18n needs to be added as well (required to having a more generalized handling of memberships in acs-admin and acs-subsite/www/members

make parsing of sql argument names more robust

Make encoding the url part the default behavior. Add extra exception for the trivial case of dummy url '#'.

Make url part encoding in export_vars optional by the -base_encode flag to avoid regressions in existing code (e.g. urls containing anchors)

Show member state in user-subsites listing

- Make file more modular

- Improve documentation

Maintain group_id when usering filters (was previously lost)

Increase size of URL, remove default, since it does not match well with required/non-required

Add ability to include actual user in the access log (see as well updated sample OpenACS config file in the NaviServer repository)

Remove over-eager safety check

Prefer variable over proc to access the kernel id

Use ad_include_contract to simplify code

use API rather than duplicated SQL queries

Improve message key

Modernize Tcl code

reflow overlong lines

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add query parameters on redirect to cononical site

Make sure, return_url for complex-user-search works as well for other contexts

Don't skip the option to send a mail to the user when a return_url is specified

Improved adp-include user-subsites (which should be probably named

user-groups), used on pvt/home: instead of providing a broken link,

provide a link to the "members" page.

Fix ck-editor in connection with repeat fiels: make sure to use the actual id provided as argument (rather than the definition id of e.g. item.0)

fix spelling errors

Fix spelling errors

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Prefer spelling "Tcl" over "tcl", fixed more spelling errors

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Prefer "Tcl" over "tcl", fix spelling errors

fix spelling errors