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add the original filename to the generated url, so that it is also delivered to the user

Keep supporting the previous proc signature, throwing a warning

util::http should provide enough fallback via curl already without targeting specific Naviserver versions, use other fallbacks only when no implementation is available

Fix webserver version check using 'apm_version_names_compare' for rc versions.

Between 4.99.6 and 4.99.20rc1, for example, 'apm_version_names_compare' will consider the latter to be the lowest.

As this is not the expected behavior for webserver version check, this patch just removes the rc part of the version before comparing in the few cases where this is done, and should be removed if the behavior changes in the future.

Fix version check

Tear down a lot of boilerplate used to support native HTTP api on Naviserver versions < 4.99.15, which will now fallback to curl

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Doc formatting changes

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Avoid markup in documentation

Reduce people expectations

Fix acs-tcl.logout_from_everywhere test case and support again invalidating of all existing user logins, useful e.g. to make sure no device still holds a valid login when we change our password on a device

Test the use case supposedly supported by sec_change_user_auth_token: invalidate all existing login cookies (e.g. when the users change their password) so that all devices need to log in again

the test exposes a long standing regression (~17 years) where this was broken in order to support persistent login. See e.g. https://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=1691183#msg_1691183

file security-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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improve documentation

use proper user_id

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Added text-attachment

Ny using text-attachments, a lecturer can attach files to the exercise

text for the student to download when solving the exercise.

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improved comments

enable question-form resolving again.

fix dependencies

provide export interface

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change tcl arrays into dicts

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break overlong lines

improve comment

improve documentation (follow LDP guidelines)

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improve spelling (follow LDP)

Include download link for .apm files

show HEAD branch and oacs-5-10 development branch

improve line-breaks

improve spelling

improve robustness of table sort links, when called without connection

fix spelling