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Fix quote_unquote_html test

Formatting change

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Use the page order as position, rather than an incremental number

handle cases in name-validation/normalization, where the language comes from _nls_language rather than nls_language

Many thanks to Markus Moser for analyzing and identifying the problem.

fix typo

Add missing test data

file test.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Documentation changes

Use a microseconds resolution to store the proctoring artifacts

relax regexp for timestamp of proctored images to support time fractions

Delete CKEditor 3 (which was replaced by CKEditor 4 in 2012)

CKEditor 4 is continued to be supported.

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reduce verbosity

comment recent smelly change

+CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Support specification of allowed tags/attributes/protocols via global package parameters.

This change makes it possible to define for a package values for

AllowedTags, AllowedAttributes, or AllowedProtocols. If (some of)

these exist, use these for configuring "ad_html_security_check". If +

not, fall back to the default (site wide) definition.

This change is fully backward compatible and effects on sites defining

such global parameters. This change was induced by the need of large

sites, where it is not feasible to set these parameters on the package

instance level, since this site has 830000 packages instances.

Bump version number to 5.10.1d19

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improve error message

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fix typo

Use a more stable logic to tell which image to use to store comments: if camera pictures are there, use those and otherwise use the desktop

Filter consistently with the new definition of "reviewed"

Fix typo

Fix the case of the last comment

Improve performance of delete operation

Usability improvement: disable the buttons to flag/unflag artifacts when these are already flagged/unflagged (applies also to bulk buttons)

Behavior reform:

now commenting an artifact won't be considered as "OK". To flag an artifact as "OK" or "for review", one has to explicitly click on the green and red buttons.

Apply filters also to new images coming from the websocket

allow fractional minutes (useful for short quizzes)

Make the border indicating the status of an artifact's review slightly bigger

Implement buttons to set all artifacts for a user as ok or not ok

file review-all.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Improve robustness of upgrade script for legacy applications

In case, an installation has the legacy view (must be from very old installations)

in place, it is necessary to drop it before registered_users, otherwise

PostgreSQL will complain that it cannot drop view registered_users because

other objects depend on it.

Many thanks to Franz Penz to report this potential problem for old sites.

Make ad_html_security_check configurable

ad_html_security_check has now three optional attributes

to make it configurable for different situations




If these attributes are not specified, the behavior is exactly like

before. This change makes it also easier to regression test this

function, since the behavior does not necessarily depend on a site's

parameter settings.

The function was also modernized, new regression tests were added.