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added comments and portlets locations for default ports

xotcl/chache: added button to flush all caches

security::locations: return configured servers from the driver/servers section

additionally, improve caching

improve spelling

validate format of richtext field always

tighten page_contract to mitigate certain attacks

improve readability of generated HTML

added "@see" to deprecated proc

improve warning message

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    • +2
get rid of legacy message key "menu-Clipboard-Copy"; "menu-Clipboard-Use-Copy" is used since several years instead

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    • +2
Remove unopened tag

Quote URL in the redirect

Whitespace cleanup

Test ::xowf::Package proc create_new_workflow_page

Mark api as tested

Test content::item::content_is_null public api, which has immediately found a typo

improved prepared-statement handling

- avoid separate SQL statement for testing, whether prepared statement

exists already in the SQL session.

- use true SQL session-id (obtained via "ns_pg pid") when available

- improve source code documentation

added @see tags for deprecated commands

ease tracking of warnings of check_deprecated test

This change actually needs the newest api-doc, but we can't add the cyclic dependency

- improved tab handling

- revive api_proc_link, paramertize it properly

switch to new lintian typo dictionary, adapted to the new format

added icanuse for "ns_pg pid"

beautify output with changed rendering in Firefox 96

remove statement used for testing

use the same idiom everywhere ("create_components" can now handle empty lists)

handle empty list elements in spec_list of "create_components"

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initialize variable for error cases

    • -1
    • +2
use the forwarder as a forwarder...

change default to per-user-shuffling

re-introduce check for empty string to avoid an empty list entry in the spec