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Prefer the classical procedural api in the installation callbacks for these two packages:

- currently, acs-service-contract (among others) defines database functions with the same number of arguments, but different argument types. The acs::dc facility won't be able to distinguish which is the correct one to pick in this case

- a cicken/egg problem arises when one installs xowiki-portlet alongside the new-portal package, because before a restart the acs::dc methods won't be created yet

Fix typo in test

Complete coverage for the ACS Service Contract 'auth_user_info'

Complete coverage of ACS Service Contract 'auth_sync_retrieve' implementations

Test IMS_Enterprise_v_1p1 implementation of the auth_sync_process Service Contract

Rework parameter check:

the way the if was construed would allow e.g.:

1. a value for EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP = 'nottrue' to pass the first if, but fail the second.

2. a value EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP = 'false' to be "true" in the first if, but not in the second

In fact, if EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP should be a boolean, there is no need to further check the other parameters and variables in the second if. This change is not 100% equivalent to the previous code, but makes it clear that EmailRegistrationConfirmationToUserP should be interpreted as a boolean and fixes these inconsistencies.

Make clear that parameters come from the same subsite

Test implementations of ACS Service Contract 'auth_registration'

This exposes a bug in auth::local::registration::Register where the acs-subsite parameter NotifyAdminOfNewRegistrationsP is fetched from the ad_conn package_id, rather than the subsite_id

Fix signature of service contract implementation, that is defined with 3 and not 4 arguments, complete coverage of the auth_password contract local implementation

Complete coverage of the auth_authentication contract 'local' implementation

file local-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Make service contract implementations private, test them

Whitespace cleanup

Whitespace changes

Kill hamfisted test that might end up deleting unrelated test users

Distinguish between procs defined via plain Tcl and NSF, when querying for the command arguments

Whitespace cleanup

Prefer acs::try_cache where the cache existance cannot be taken for granted (e.g. at upgrade)

Make acs::try_cache more robust to transitional situations during instance upgrade, where the object might exist, but not the method

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

Improve doc

Whitespace cleanup

Add doc

Ignore also class definitions in the ignored namespaces

Apply the deprecated flag to the methods documentation

Whitespace changes

ns_quotehtml user submitted value inside error message to prevent potential XSS attack

Whitespace changes

Ignore the ::nsshell namespace: this is a NaviServer module, hence outside the OpenACS source tree