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Piggyback apidoc::tcl_to_html to an existing test and complete acs-api-browser api coverage

Test auth::verify_account_status and complete coverage of acs-authentication

Test auth::update_local_account

provide a fork-free implementation of dot rendering

rename newly introduced flag of form-usages from to "-allow_clipboard" to "-with_checkboxes"

Add auth::sync::job::get_authority_id to an existing test

Test auth::self_registration

Test auth::refresh_login

Cleanup code pasted twice by mistake

Additional flag for includelet "form-usages": -allow_clipboard true|false

This makes it possible to use the includelet also without bulk-actions

for adding/removing content to the clipboard by including the checkmarks

per table and by table row.

Bring more stuff into an existing test

Test for auth::get_user_id and the whole login attempts api

Document actual behavior

Test auth::get_user_id

Test auth::get_register_authority proc

Fix test name

Test auth::get_all_registration_elements

Test more public api

Fix order in expression

Test auth::can_admin_system_without_authority_p public api

file authentication-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Test auth::authority::get_sc_impl_columns public api

file authority-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

Bring portable SQL inline

Make idiom portable

Prefer portable SQL idioms, bring SQL inline

Bring portable SQL inline, prefer portable SQL idioms

Use portable SQL idioms

Cleanup unreferenced SQL, moved to other places a long time ago