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make logger entry display page instance aware again

Fixed one issue with group_ids

bump version

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couple more i18n changes. no more on 5.1 for logger, I hope

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Set maxinput in nsopenssl module as well as nssock.

Made sure the search count actually works again as the employee bit is not really working yet

fix typos: note should really be template_demo_note

add support for color column in the queries to get a note and update one

Added uos-details.

Turn on the data model loading under oracle. (yes, BOLD move :)

correct no-data situation in where clause of oracle query

Upgrading to 1.2b3 there is now a dependency on ams1.1d13 and new catalog messages need to be loaded.

Upgrading so that ams_util and postal_address correction sql is loaded

adding default to get list so it doesn't bomb if you aren't using -2 for contacts

Bug fixing ams_value__time search condition type and adding annual recurrence searchability - so you can find things like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

in some queries oracle claimed the title column ambiguous; fixed.

in third thru sixth rows, got the orderby clause from listbuilder (oracle)

remove expensive query for project manager info if logger instance is not linked to PM; bump package version

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Add 6th row of listbuilder demo, adding non-bulk action to add new note.

Having a problem where the sql of adding a new note tells the wrong type

to template_demo_note__new(); this happens somewhere in the call to

package_instantiate_object in the -new_data section of the form in


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move the sample data include to where it belongs; reformat some code

fix up message key syntax in listbuilder adp chunks and get rid of i18n garbage in index.adp

Adding ams_util__next_instance_of_date proc and the associated upgrade and drop scripts

fix Oracle bug (procedure cannot return a value)

upgrade to 0.21; providing two new attributes "page_title" and "creator" for all kind of xowiki pages.

The page_titles are used instead of page names (with the language prefix) where ever appropriate (e.g.

in category listing)

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opgrade to 0.34; support for inherited cr attributes

compatibility update for naviserver 4.99.1 or newer

Missed some thing on the help text.

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Added help_text to attributes and along with it some more I18N strings

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Added procedure to create edit url for message keys

fix upgrade script on 5.1

Improve admin display.