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fix pretty name

remove center tags

honor the max days old parameter for postings

new blue icon

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add attribute to new.gif

add new icon to message list

new icon

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added notifications documentation!

oracle support added by bduell@ncacasi.org merged from HEAD

oracle support provided by bduell@ncacasi.org

go back to original plan

move main content in file, it seems to degrade better in between the right

and left panel HTML.

removed width on center column for home page. If the required width is not avialble the column wraps to the bottom, not what we want

lowercase name_method

fix previous releases display

I18N: converting bm-portlet package to using the message catalog

I18N: converting bulk-mail to using the message catalog

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adding a script that checks that info in catalog file names is consistent with xml contents

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converting a temporary message catalog tag that we missed

remove home from navbar, its in context bar

fix header

remove home link

add www/projects directories to handle index.vuh for subsites

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fix context and clean up header for greater browser compatibility

new lighter slices

add search button

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made translate links show the key of the message and be smaller font size, changed the adp message catalog conversion script to not process message lookups that are already in the adp

removing a tilde file again...argh

improving UI and instructions for managing I18N for a package in the APM - kudos to Lars for this

updating file information