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calendar popup fixes - date range and month combo box display quirk

calendar popup widget fixes

- add attribute order to ::xowiki::Link::css

- guard body from non-positional argument interpretation (many thanks to Franz Penz for the bug fix)

fixing html validation for example, ids must begin with letter.

fixing bug in logic for qf_close

adding working example for qf_* forms

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minor revisions

procs pass preliminary tests with these fixes and adjustments.

more bug fixes, and reducing inconsistencies

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bug fixes to form code

allow for the extension of an existing form with an AOM object view form

merge new application_data_link::get_links_to proc from oacs-5-6 branch

add application_data_links::get_links_to proc (there was only get_links_from)

Applied patch from malte which regularizes and escapes newlines in generated

JSON strings.

- bgdelivery: added limited support for range requests (single range) as used by various HTML5 audio/video implementations

allowed roles field added to workflow action editor

Reverting unintentional commit

Bug fix: grant read permission on individual bug if access policy is show user bugs only.

1. Removed some things that couldn't be implemented easily in oracle

2. Made partial editing of a type's attributes work.

This was left over from dtypes, not used by the AOM.

- revoked escaped local change

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- reduce verbosity

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- allow missing href attribute, treat it like empty href

adding label tag to input

use parameter for bug name in message key

Fixing many bugs

Hopefully got the friggin' oracle stuff to work, not to mention finding

pg kernel bugs and acs-object-management bugs.

Had to remove the cascade_p feature of the new drop_type procedure, because

implementing it in Oracle would require a huge reorganization of the order

of definition of object and metadata tables and their associated tables,

which just is not going to happen.

Final version of the 5.7 oracle upgrade for acs-kernel (unless CR work

uncovers problems).