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Check Links also working for individual users

Bookmarks administration (by Admin) working...

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Port package_instantiate_object

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Port queries

fixed uplevel name collision

fixed missing " for set carrier_info

fixed trigger for address_id insert

fixed date queries to use timespan_days for interval calculation

fixed date queries by using db_map

changed $addess_link to checkout-2

postgresql returns the full timestamp including the time which screws up some procs which assume that the date returned is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. a simple to_char statement fixes the problem

fixed missing queries and incorrect query names

fixed template query for OpenACS 4

fixed date calculation for one_if_within_n_days

fixed trigger for credit card. it needs to be before updates to the ec_financial_tranactions table.

fixed order_select query

added missing full query update_order_state

fixed ec_order_cost plpgsql function

added query for ec_mailing_list_widget.get_category_children

fixed subquery syntax. Postgresql requires an as statement

updated .info for util.logical_negation corrections. Added -postgresql.xql and -oracle.sql for a few files in admin/

changed logical_negation calls to util__logical_negation and util.logical_negation.

logical_negation changed to util__logical_negation and util.logical_negation in acs-kernel/sql/*/utilities-create.sql

changed triggers to after. if set to before, you sometimes cannot delete from the tables.

fixed fullquery name

function logical_negation was changed to util__logical_negation (acs-kernel)

added db_map for sysdate calls in a dynamic query.

added db_map for partialquery. expanded the ec_products query to get date in standard format for ad_dateentrywidget.

updated with correct names for sql creation/deletion scripts

renamed files to package-name-create/drop format so that the APM will recognize it during installation.