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upgrade ext to version 2.2

  1. … 42 more files in changeset.
upgrade yui to 2.7

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add a cleanup handler

upgrade yui to 2.7

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- some further cleanup: remove __refresh_instance_attributes hack

- bump version number to 0.116

    • -3
    • +3
- make naming for url-callable functions consistently with dashes

- provide some handling of expired logins happening during ajax calls

    • -13
    • +28
    • -1
    • +1
- make drag&drop in FAQ more robust

- strip colons from tags

    • -3
    • +3
- Provide means to refer to a page of the current package instance even when a

package search path is provided (syntax for includelets: //./pagename).

This is needed for e.g. weblog, where the "weblog-portlet" should refer to

the same package.

    • -12
    • +23
    • -1
    • +2
- search for tcllib along the loading path to determin version numbers

- improve parameter handling

- bump version number to 0.115

    • -3
    • +3
- provide experimental drag and drop handler for form-fields

of type abstract_page (form_page or page)

- provide experimental drag and drop handler for reordering page-orders

via drag and drop in lists (supported by the includelet book)

- new parameter for includelet book: "allow reorder"

E.g. "-allow_reorder 2" means: support drag and

drop reordering starting with the 2nd level

- provide interface for automatically renaming page_orders

    • -6
    • +97
add a bash script that updates the javascript libraries to the latest version available, currently only works with ext2 and yui for now

Conditionally support new parameters so you can login to perform an upgrade where you actually support the new parameters, specifically search_impl_id

removing creditcard_expire from receipts according to current card security practices

- reduce verbosity

reduce verbosity

Updated to reflect changes in the control panel

    • -24
    • +18
Fix the "customize logo" feature:

- use image.vuh from acs-subsite to display it instead of relaying on file storage

- Fix permissions grant (on item_id rather than revision_id)

- HTML cleanup

- localization and translation to spanish

    • -4
    • +4
- allowing multiple forms to be passed into form-usages

- renamed argument of ::xowiki::Weblog->instantiate_forms from "entries_of" to "forms"

    • -6
    • +6
    • -2
    • +11
Fix to display community logo if set. In case the community has a parent, the parent logo will be displayed unless the subgroup has its own, the default one will be displayed if none of them have set a customized logo for the header.

When searching for users to add to a dotlrn community, display all of the matching ones flaging those who are already members.

    • -11
    • +17
Add missing keys and their spanish translations.

Improve the control panel, community member pages UI (approved by honchos).

    • -75
    • +67
    • -43
    • +38
    • -4
    • +5
Remove the buggy management of portrait from bio, the portrait is handled by acs-subsite.

    • -137
    • +9
Fixed a problem with the deletion of lob.sql-based ("pseudo-lob") binary


Remove unnecessary code