Install a Unix-like system and supporting software


by Joel Aufrecht


a Unix-like system

Most of the documentation in this section is kept as a reference. More up-to-date documentation is in the install sections in the Wiki.

You will need a computer running a unix-like system with the following software installed:

  • tdom

  • tcl --if you plan to use the OpenACS installation script

  • gmake and the compile and build environment.

    BSD Note

    BSD users: in most places in these instructions, gmake will work better than make. (more information on FreeBSD installation). Also, fetch is a native replacement for wget.

Note: Instructions for installing tDOM and threaded Tcl are included with the AOLserver4 installation instructions, if these are not yet installed.

The following programs may be useful or required for some configurations. They are included in most distributions:

In order to cut and paste the example code into your shell, you must first do Setting a global shell variable for cut and paste.

To install a machine to the specifications of the Reference Platform, do the walkthrough of the Red Hat 8.0 Install for OpenACS.

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