Appendix B. Install additional supporting software

Table of Contents

Unpack the OpenACS tarball
Initialize CVS (OPTIONAL)
Add PSGML commands to emacs init file (OPTIONAL)
Install Daemontools (OPTIONAL)
Install qmail (OPTIONAL)
Install Analog web file analyzer
Install nspam
Install Full Text Search using Tsearch2
Install nsopenssl
Install tclwebtest.
Install PHP for use in AOLserver
Install Squirrelmail for use as a webmail system for OpenACS
Install PAM Radius for use as external authentication
Install LDAP for use as external authentication
Install AOLserver 3.3oacs1

By Joel Aufrecht


This section assumes that the source tarballs for supporting software are in /tmp. It assumes that you begin each continuous block of commands as root, and you should end each block as root. It doesn't care which directory you start in. Text instructions always precede the commands they refer to.