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improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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typographic changes, most prominently, more consistent comma settings


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* tests/*.test: Add 'package prefer latest' to remaining test files.

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* disposition.test, parameters.test: Adjust tests to reflect the changed representational behaviour for numerics (int, wide) according to TIP 514 (now in Tcl 8.7a2+).

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provide error hint for "invalid value constraints" errors

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Fix typos

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Improve spelling

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- remove spurious blank in error message - fix typo in print string

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nx.tcl: pluralism reform part 2 - changed methods /cls/ info subclass -> /cls/ info subclasses /cls/ info superclass -> /cls/ info superclasses /cls/ mixin ... -> /cls/ mixins /cls/ filter ... -> /cls/ filters /cls/ object mixin ... -> /cls/ object mixins /cls/ object filter ... -> /cls/ object filters - changed configure parameters /cls/ configure -mixin -> /cls/ configure -mixins /cls/ configure -filter -> /cls/ configure -filters /obj/ configure -object-mixin -> /obj/ configure -object-mixins /obj/ configure -object-filter -> /obj/ configure -object-filters - added handling for calling relationslot with unknown sub method

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nsf.c: - define means to protect "undefined" internally-directly called methods __alloc and __dealloc in nx. This is achieved mostly via a an additional value in a method declaration in ::nsf::objectsystem::create. Example: -class.dealloc {__dealloc ::nsf::methods::class::dealloc 1} - extend regression test

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nsf.c: parameter passing reform - don't pass full argument list for filteing methods calle further methods from C (such as new/create/... ) to allow processing of e.g. "--" in "new" to separate arguments to "new" cleanly from arguments passed to "create". Now we can use e.g. "C new -- -childof 123" in case class C has a property "childof". - extend c-generator to accept option "-objv0" to pass the original "objv[0]" to the called command. Since we had previously "allargs", we have to pass the objv[0] now differently - more thorough checking ISOBJ(someObj) macro for asserts (use "assert(ISOBJ(someObj))" instead of just "assert(someObj)") - extend regression test

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- rename nsf::parameter:invalidate::classcache -> nsf::parameter::cache::classinvalidate nsf::parameter:invalidate::objectcache -> nsf::parameter::cache::objectinvalidate reasons: (a) remove single colon inside the name, (b) put verb to the end

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nsf.c, gentclAPI.tcl: - new argument types "virtualobjectargs" and "virtualclassargs" for context-specific argument resolutions: when a context object is provided, arguments of type "virtualobjectargs" are determined based on the slots applicable for the object (like "... lookup ..."), arguments of type "virtualclassargs" are resolved against a class. These types are used as follows: /obj/ configure /virtualobjectargs/ /cls/ create /name/ /virtualclassargs/ /cls/ recreate /name/ /virtualclassargs/ /cls/ new ?-childof /obj/? /virtualclassargs/ This new feature allows us to provide better error messages and to make much of the "... info ... configure parameter ..." infrastructure much less important. - For "virtualclassargs" we need the functionality to obtain from the C-Code based on a class the configure parameters applicable to objects of this class. - add argument "-context ..." to "cmd::info" to pass the context object (so far the only place where the context-object is used) - object system configuration parameters changes: new: -class.configureparameter new: -object.configureparameter removed: -class.objectparameter

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- name parameter option "slotset" instead of "slotassign"

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xotcl2: - use value=set instead of value=assign - simplify "-parameter" implementation - add setters for "name", "domain", and "default" to xotcl::Attribute for backward compatibility

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- enforce using "set" for filter/object-filter in slot operations (same as for mixins)

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nx.tcl: - add "set" as a method name for relation slots - implemented relation slot "mixin" and "object-mixin" via "slotassign" to disallow "/obj/ mixin /value/" and "/obj/ object mixin /value/" to use instead "/obj/ mixin set /value/" and "/obj/ object mixin set /value/" while keeping "configure" and "cget" working. This has the advantage that "/obj/ mixin set" does not try to replace the mixin chain by "set" - adapted regression test - TODO: check, if we need the explicit "slotassign"? isn't the presence of the slotObj sufficient? maybe "-forwardToSlot" in relationSlots? - TODO: demangle "slotassign" in "ObjectParameterSlot protected method getParameterOptions" and check interactions - TODO: to the same as -mixin and -object-mixin to -filter and -object-filter - TODO: clean up relation slot mixin variants - TODO: do we really like the fact that we have to write now "B mixin set M2" instead of "B mixin M2"? - TODO: should we disallow "B mixin" and enforce instead of "B mixin get" ? - TODO: we could as well allow "B mixin clear" instead of "B mixin set {}" - TODO: allow "set" for variable slots as well. Do we need "assign"?

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- add flag "-onerror" to nsf::forward::method to handle errors during dispatch of a forwarder (not all error messags of forwarder are already transformed) - added log-level Info which prints always, e.g. for "-verbose" flag of forwarder - drop setter-rule from properties (use always forwarder) - drop "/obj/ /prop/" and "/obj/ /prop/ /value/" in favor of "/obj/ /prop/ get" and "/obj/ /prop/ assign /value/" to achieve better orthogonality with e.g. incremental properties

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nsf.c: - let [current methodpath] return full path (similar to -path option in "info methods" - handle collateral damage in regression test due to changed result of "current methodpath"

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- add incr/decr refcount for callInfoObj in unknown handling - deactivated suspicious assert() in NsfMethodNamePath()

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nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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- fix typo

nsf.c: - dont't use the default of a invocation parameter in "configure" when the object is already initialized. The default is in general only used when the parameter is not specified. We do not want e.g. superclass to be reset to ::nx::Object, when configure is called on a class without arguments. - extended regression test

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nx::test: - change test cases to newer interface - don't use "namespace import nx::*" in test cases when not required

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- when creation with an required configure parameter failed, delete the half-baked object to avoid confusing states.

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- removed some TODOs from tests/parameters.test

- parameter dispositions:

We differentiate now between "initcmd" and "cmd": an "initcmd" is only

evaluated once, but one can provide configure values for this parameter

later. a "cmd" is executed on every evaluation, it is only possible

to pass cmds to it. The trailing argument of the configure parameters

(used e.g. for scripted object/class definitions) is now of type "cmd".

Implementation not yet complete (object cases are not correct).

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- syntax formatter: use /value/ for denoting placeholder in "... info method syntax ..."

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Object-method Reform: - changed interface to object specific commands by requiring an ensemble named "object". The rational behind is essentially to use always the same info command to retrieve object specific methods, no matter whether these are defined on a plain object or an a class object (does not break the "contract" what e.g. "info method" returns).

Now we define methods via:

/cls/ method foo {args} {...body...}

/cls/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

/obj/ object method foo {args} {...body...}

Similarly, aliases, forwards and mixins are defined, e.g.

/cls/ mixin add ...

/cls/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ object mixin add ...

/obj/ require object method ...

The same change propagated as well to the "info" method.

Now we have:

/cls/ info methods ...

/cls/ info object methods ...

/obj/ info object methods ...

Similar, the object parametererization uses

/cls/ create obj -object-mixin M

/cls/ create obj -object-filter f

/metacls/ create cls -mixin M1 -object-mixin M2

/metacls/ create cls -filter f1 -object-filter f2

- as a consequence,

a) "/cls/ class method ...",

"/cls/ class alias ...",

"/cls/ class forward ...",

"/cls/ class filter ...",

"/cls/ class mixin ...",

"/cls/ class info ..."

"/obj/ class method require method ..."

"/obj/ class method require public method ..."

"/obj/ class method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ class method require private method ..."

were dropped

b) "/obj/ method ....",

"/obj/ alias ....",

"/obj/ forward ...."

"/obj/ filter ...."

"/obj/ mixin ...."

"/obj/ info method*"

"/cls/ create obj -mixin M"

"/cls/ create obj -filter f"

"/obj/ method require method ..."

"/obj/ method require public method ..."

"/obj/ method require protected method ..."

"/obj/ method require private method ..."

were dropped

- added package nx::class to allow optionally the "class" notation

"/cls/ class method ..." (and friends, see (a)), and

"/cls/ class info ...

- added package nx::plain-object-method to allow optionally plain method

b) "/obj/ method ...." (and friends, see (b))

- add support to slots to use ensemble methods as setters

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nsf.c: - factored out ParameterMethodForwardDispatch() to call a parameter method defined as a forwarder the smae way from "configure" and "cget" - extended regression test

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- rename invalidateobjectparameter -> parameter:invalidate::classcache - rename invalidateobjobjectparameter -> parameter:invalidate::objectcache - bring cmds into alphabetical order

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