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add missing EXTERN declarations

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avoid variable name "index" in generated code since "index" shadows an outer function

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- improved error message "not allowed to have default": make clear, this is from a parameter specification - added object property "autonamed" (set automatically for objects created via "new") - xotcl2 volatile: improved backward compatibility with XOTcl 1 - extended regression test

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- added new variant of "volatile" trying to mimick the XOTcl1 volatile behavior. - added experimental feature NSF_WITH_TCL_OBJ_TYPES_AS_CONVERTER, which uses registered TclObjTypes as value checkers (currently deactivated)

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* nsf.c (ListMethod): Provide a disassemble implementation based on ::tcl::unsupported::disassemble. [::nsf::cmf::info disassemble] is generally available, the info ?object? method variants only in development mode. Implementation covers proc methods and ::nsf::procs. Along the way, prettify some code paths in ListMethod.

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* gentclAPI.tcl, nsfAPI.decls (createconverter): Support for "-global 1" flag that will cause the options array corresponding to an enumeration to become available as a global, properly Nsf_* prefixed symbol. Used for NsfConfigureCmd and the corresponding DTrace probe, for now.

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More code cleanup

- make nsf compilable with tcl 8.7.2 and TCL_NO_DEPRECATED turned on

- prefer bool over int

- reduce nr of returns before end of function

- line bread overlong function definitions

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Align prototypes with function definitons and minor code cleanup

- reduce number of return statements before end of function

- reduce variable scopes

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align naming of variables in function prototypes and definitions

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make argument names more regular improve alignment of prototype names with function definitions

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Improve alignment of prototypes with function definitions improve regularity of variable names

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- new command "tnsf::definitionnamespace" - experiment with command in regression test

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Add Valgrind/callgrind support

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- added mset cmd - added expr arg spec

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- Dont't use ConvertToNothing but NULL in the terminating record, since the former is not available for extensions

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- provide clean compile for compilations with "-Wwrite-strings" - add const declarations

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- remove configure trace|profile

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- new subcommand "nsf::current level", returns empty, if we are not on a nsf frame/level. - keep compatibility with traditional "nsf::current activelevel" (continue to return 1, if we are not on an nsf frame)

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Removed two unused functions: NsfObjInfoObjectparameterMethod() and NsfParamDefsFilter(). Makes CID 88775 obsolete

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code generator changes: - create enum types instead of enum values for nsf API - use enum types in code

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cmd resolver work - fix test, when OS specific cmd resolver is used from a NSF_CSC_CALL_IS_COMPILE frame - improved output from __db_show_obj: put results into one line instead of multiple lines - new debug function __db_get_obj: return into about a tcl_obj in form of a dict (in general, one should not rely on Tcl_Obj internals, especially when upgrading over major Tcl versions, but for testing/understanding behavior etc., such a command is helpful). - extend regression test

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- add new command nsf::parseargs to parse an argument vector against a parameter definition and to set the resulting variables in the current scope - extend regression test

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Slot trace reform: - redesign of slot interface of traces from * variables contains cmds and variable references to * slot specific methods with the same interface as slot-setters - new: * specify flag "-trace" with a list of values "get", "set", "default" * when flag is set, a trace will be registered calling methods value=get obj variable value=set obj variable value value=default obj variable on the slot (actually the first two are identical with the methods used for slot-defined accessors) - updated regression test * new flag "-notrace" for "nsf::var::set" and "nsf::var::get"

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- nx: added flag "-debug" and "-deprecated" to methods "method" "object method" "alias" "object alias" "forward" "object forward" such one can use e.g. /cls/ public alias -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /cls/ public forward -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /cls/ public method -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object alias -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object forward -deprecated|-debug /method/ ... /obj/ public object method -deprecated|-debug /method/ ...

- added new cmd:

nsf::method::property /obj/ ?-per-object? /method/ exists

to check, whether a method is defined for an object.

- output triggered via "-debug" is now generated via the

tcl functions "nsf::debug::call" and "nsf::debug::exit",

that can be redefined (similar to e.g. nsf::deprecated)

- cleanup of nsfProfile.c commands

- extended regression test

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- added nsf::method::property /obj/ /method/ debug ?0|1? when debug is activated, a debug line written to the log file when the function is called and exited

- added nsf::method::property /obj/ /method/ deprecated ?0|1?

when deprecated is activated, a warning written to the log file when

the function is called

- added flags to nsf::proc: -debug and -deprecated

(can als be set via nsf::method::property with an arbitrary object

and proc passed fully qualified)

- bumped version number to 2.0.1

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- new introspection method: "/obj/ info baseclass" - extended regression test

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- New macros NSF_nonnull_assert() and nonnull_assert() Background: The unreleased gcc6 with "-pedantic" complaints since recently about asserts, in which nonnull conditions implied by nonnull declarations are explicitly tested, and spits out warnings like ... warning: nonnull argument ... compared to NULL ... The new macros turns off asserts, when gcc6 is used.

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Profile trace enhancements: - add optional argument "-builtins" to nsf::__profile_trace to trace a selected list of builtins. Every element of the list passed to "-builtins" might contain a cmd name and optionally a maximum number of arguments to be shown (typically 0 or 1) - generalized NsfReplaceCommand* logic to become more general usable (e.g. for the builtins mechanism of nsf::__profile_trace)

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- Use standard logging for nsf::__profile_trace ... -verbose true ... By using the standard logging mechanism, we can redefining ::nsf::log to output e.g. trace in a GUI. - Add argument "-dontsave" to nsf::__profile_trace to avoid saving trace in memory - Refactor trace and debug output to deliver lists. This makes it easier to postprocess the results from Tcl.

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- new command nsf::method::forward::property in analogy to nsf::method::property for reading+writing introspection of forwarders (important for serializer, when different target objects are specified, to map the per-object forwarder) - extended regression test - bumped version number of serializer to 2.1

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