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* nsfAccessInt.h (TclFreeIntRep): A recent name reform requires an explicit define for backwards compat.

remove realtive costly asserts when not in development mode

* nsf.c (ObjectDispatch): Fix another invalid read of a cached cmd structure (NsfColonCommandContext)

* nsf.c (NsfUnsetTrace, VolatileMethod): Plug a post-mortem memleak related to volatile objects (The Tcl_Obj carrying an auto-qualified object name was not cleaned up properly during interp shutdown because the matching decrement operations used to be disabled during shutdown.)

* nsf.c (ObjectDispatch): Fix invalid read as indicated by valgrind by guarding access to intrep.

fixed false positive from facebook infer 1.1.0

reduced warnings from clang12 static checker (null value passed to non-null arguments, dead assignment, ...)

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

First attempt to fight valgrind warning on cond/unintialized jump

* nsf.c (Nsf_Init): Plumb a small memory leak due to not clearing mp_int data. Make sure _not_ to use mp_clear (TIP 538).

update copyright dates

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Do not support predefined parameter options spelled with trailing content

This change makes argument type checking more strict by rejecting

names as synonyms which are longer than the specified values.

Background: Previous versions did not handle cases correctly where an

application type name starts with the same characters as a built-in

type. So it was not possible to define a type "object_id", since a a

spec of the form "x:object_id" was interpreted as "x:object".

* nsfAccessInt.h (TclIsCommandDeleted), nsf.c, nsfObj.c: More recent Tcl 8.7 (starting Sep 2020) has replaced the macro CMD_IS_DELETED by CMD_DYING.

* nsf.c (ParamOptionParse): Simplify option parsing for substdefault; Tcl_GetInt knows how to handle 0b binary constants, no expr call needed.

* nsf.c (VolatileMethod): Save a little by checking first chars

* nsf.c (VolatileMethod), volatile.test: Fix volatile for XOTcl 2: frame skipping must be limited to configure, otherwise, for self calls (e.g., 'my volatile'), the sentinal variable plus unset trace become created in the wrong callframe context (leading to corruption of any non-proc callframe); added test cases

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fix provided length values for string arguments

added enumeration values

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added support for enumeration values replaced anonymous arrays by dicts

improve type safety of generated code

Reduced usage of reserved identifiers [cert-dcl37-c,cert-dcl51-cpp]

improve comments and spelling

improve regularity and linebreaking in comments (mostly function headers)

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whitespace changes: more consistent indentation of comments

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improve spelling

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add one more test to sanity check

added debugging output for a case, where a Tcl cmd looks perfectly fine, but its procPtr (scripted cases) contains invalid data

make clean compile, when TRACE flags are defined

reduce verbosity, silence checker

Use memmove() instead of strncat() since the former supports overlapping buffers