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provide more context info when the version mismatch test fails

remove "-Wabi" for standard intense checking - more troubles then benefits

Improve consistency of naming nsf objects

* nsf.c (NsfCCreateMethod): Fix access of potentially freed object to set the autonamed property (indicated by valdgrind). When destroyed and cleaned during DoObjInitialization, "newObject" will remain as a dangling pointer. Besides, setting the property before DoObjInitialization will make the object property available from within the initcmd or init method.

* nsf.c (NsfProcStubDeleteProc): Plug leakage of command structure (found by valgrind)

Add changelog and announcement files (WIP) [skip ci]

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muniro formatting changes

Cherry pick fixes on build runner from master

Provide 2.2 builds on Appveyor

Use maintenance branch for 2.2, to fulfil presence requirements of build descriptor

Provide for 2.2.0 builds, and fix allowed failures

Deploy mode for Appveyor builds

Add missing install instruction [skip travis]

Fix yaml [skip travis]

Fix yaml [skip travis]

Fix yaml [skip travis]

Add deploy key to AppVeyor [skip travis]

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Remove context noise (directory tree) from the tarballs

* configure, configure.ac: Make sure 'git describe' uses --always, to not fail on truncated checkouts without tags in reach (as on Travis)

Provide some harness around 'make test', to avoid swallowing failing test suites in light of the write-error condition

* nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): For consistency, stick with %x using PRIxPTR

*nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): Simplify from using %x to %p, to avoid PTR2UINT (which, starting with 8.7, will return u long, not u int)

Completed rewrite, ufff

Another try

Fix gcc version for macos

Rewrite build matrix (testing)

Refine build matrix

Refine build matrix

Make tarball names more explanatory

linux image requires more generic fix, Python module variant not available