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Leave some TODOs to think about

* nx.tcl (VariableSlot): Fix value=delete to actually accept and implement "-nocomplain". Added tests (missing so far entirely) and updated the man pages accordingly.

extend tutorial description

* nx.tcl, parameters.test (defineIncrementalOperations): Make sure value=add and value=delete actually run value checkers and, in case of "convert", pick up the conversion result. Added basic test.

* nsf.c (ArgumentCheck): Set parentheses correctly.

* nx.tcl (makeIncrementalOperations, defineIncrementalOperations): Avoid repeated slot= entries in options. Fix a typo.

* nsf.c (ArgumentCheck): Avoid double dispatching to value checkers (built-in and type=*) for "slotset" parameters. Previously, configure and then the value=set (value=add) method triggered one dispatch each. Now, the configure pass skips the check and shifts sole responsibility on the value=set/ value=add methods. Added basic test cases to parameters.test to capture the intended call semantics.

add properties tutorial to test set

Add hands-on tutorial for properties

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- extend test case (since people use this as example)

Fix potential bug in forwarder code (it was possible, that a subsituted %proc was freed to early)

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

Regenerated migration and tutorial, to account for recently fixed typos and fix markup generation

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* Makefile.in: Unify ASCIIDOC exec configuration.

adjust programming style

Add test for regular expression matching

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Make sure to initialize nsf object fetched from mongo

- added mset cmd - added expr arg spec

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

- Use more modern returnstate handling based on options - extend regression test

* next-migration.txt: Address some typos (thx to Guenter Ernst for reporting).

* contains.test: Add two test cases to document the recent fix on error and errorcode propagation in contains.

fix bug in method "contains": Propergate errorCode on catch

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

mongodb interface - add regular expression queries to conditions in NX

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

* makefile.vc: Change another directory location to respect the INSTALLDIR setting

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

- Copy changed structure

- Dont't use ConvertToNothing but NULL in the terminating record, since the former is not available for extensions