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Add deploy key to AppVeyor [skip travis]

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Remove context noise (directory tree) from the tarballs

* configure, configure.ac: Make sure 'git describe' uses --always, to not fail on truncated checkouts without tags in reach (as on Travis)

Provide some harness around 'make test', to avoid swallowing failing test suites in light of the write-error condition

* nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): For consistency, stick with %x using PRIxPTR

*nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): Simplify from using %x to %p, to avoid PTR2UINT (which, starting with 8.7, will return u long, not u int)

Completed rewrite, ufff

Another try

Fix gcc version for macos

Rewrite build matrix (testing)

Refine build matrix

Refine build matrix

Make tarball names more explanatory

linux image requires more generic fix, Python module variant not available

Change script block

Merge branch 'spunk-https'

Test NONBLOCK fix for write error

Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Fix permissions

Avoid ssh-add

Avoid host check

Fix ssh/scp calls

Re-enable install target

Add a debugging statement around make test

Stepping back, continued

Stepping back, sigh

Attempt at write-error fix

Leave it be, for the moment

Don't stop on stderr print-outs

Make calls less verbose, are we hitting a limit?