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Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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whitespace and spelling changes

category_tree::get_categories reform:

always return all root categories of given tree. Keep sorting by localized name, but use the en_US translation as a default when desired one is missing. Improve documentation.

Rollback of 'boolean' parameter datatype, as oracle does not see necessary to have 'boolean' datatypes, and they do not even provide with a proper alternative on what to use instead. Great. See: https://asktom.oracle.com/pls/asktom/f?p=100:11:0::::P11_QUESTION_ID:6263249199595#876972400346931526

Add 'boolean' parameter datatype and increase version number

file upgrade-5.10.0d12-5.10.0d13.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Fix typo

activate warnings in case the old IE bug is still around

Whitespace changes

Fix dynamic-types package installation (many Thanks to Iuri Sanpaio) See #3381

Remove trailing "Class" keyword so classes are correctly displayed in the api-doc (See #3383)

ad_sign: generalize last ad_sign handling to

allow user and csrf binding

use user-specific sign operations for protecting delete operations

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ad_sign: new optional parameter "user_binding"

The parameter user_binding allows to bind a signature to a user.

When the value is "-1" only the user who created the signature can

obtain the value again. A value of 0 (default) means no user binding.

The permissible values might be extended in the future.

bump version number to 5.10.0d24

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Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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Secure forums delete button by protecting the message_id with a timed signature

make sure to populate global variable for different notations of the default database

use usual spelling convention

Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

add missing file

Fix incorrect default value

Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null'

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Remove deprecated proc 'db_nullify_empty_string' from doc

Whitespace changes + editor hints

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Replace/remove deprecated proc 'db_null' and update doc accordingly

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Deprecate 'db_nullify_empty_string', essentially just returning the same string it receives

Deprecate 'db_null'

Trailing whitespace cleanup

dotlrn cache reform: added missing cache flush; added caching of "community_key"