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- fix order of words in command

- add title

- increasing max url size from 100 to 132 as needed on openacs.org (should be probably a package parameter)

- remove useless statement

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- set ready_callback2 also, when xowikiimage is not used

- further cleanup of allowedContent

- try to address IE11 bug that shows up with XKEditor + xowikiimage plugin (many thanks to Thomas Renner for the help)

- make allowedContet configuarable

- prefer use in old-style FormForm xinha (ckeditor "eats" forms, we have not foll control there over ckeditor)

- add title property

- use version 4.5.7 of ckeditor4 from CDN

- make formfield ckeditor4 loadable from CDN

- improve html quoting

- remove unbalanced tag when just objects are viewed

- mke it easier to trace origin of error message

- remove freshly introduced typo

- use subst for quoting to reduce backslashes

- fix sandwich demo with grid (missing form widget, quoting); must have been broken since years

- include peer address in ad_log message

- remove ns_share

- remove redundant definition of ad_dateentrywidget (was once defined as via "proc" and immideately later redefined via ad_proc)

- move deprecated procs to acs-outdated

- make object browser more robust

- just try to add debug-widget to nsfprocs, not on other commands

- added helper "::xowiki::get_raw_request_body" to obtain the content of the request body either -as_string or as_file (abstracts spool file handling away)

- use the name of the xowiki instance in the subscription hint

- add missing title property

- default_state should be false and not "", otherwise a tcl error will show up

- remove parens

- fix quoting in SQL

- make code more robust

- generalize hostname and port splitting in order to support IP-literal notation of RFC 3986

- add the actually configured tmpdir to the list for directories to check.