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make higher use of ADP template files (reduce tcl-generated HTML code)

prefere @...;literal@ over @...;noquote@ when possible

make sure to list always all generic items in the icon sample pages

generalize collection of compiled template artefacts

make dependency on new try-cache function explicit, bump version to 2.10.1d2

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bump version number to 5.10.1d14

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    • +2
added try_cache (not sure we want this on the longer range)

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added argument handling to try_cache operations

improve spelling

make regression test more robust with respect to yui rendering

Styling changes for minimal setups

This change is necessary for minimal setups, e.g. for plain installs

during regression test, when no bootstrap packages are available.

- define yui as last-resort fallback for "toolkit"

- handle CSS class composition for YUI as well

(merge of class-specific and item specific CSS classes,

used for color management for publish status button)

- remove underline for publish-status in YUI mode

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Cleanup dummy commands and objects to avoid cross interactions between tests

Go back supporting arbitrary options, potentially from custom user-defined widgets: these will be assumed to be expressed as name-value pairs and we will keep notifying such cases in the logfile

Revert change at least until the change is clear.

Automated test xowiki includelet_childresources expects links to be created without language prefix

in order to do so, the page_template must be set to create anonymous instances. Fix the page template used in the test to match expected result.

improve styling and take reliably just the first paragraph in the listing of test cases.

whitespace changes

Fix typo

Make xotcl-core optional in the api-browser

revive delete regression test (was formerly in xowiki)

Specify the empty value correctly in the authentication form fields

Keep supporting also the htmlarea_p option

Cleanup test for deleted api

Fix doc

Keep handling also the section option

Set edit_what to a valid default

Keep recognizing "format" template::element property, which was never documented

completed generic icon tables

add more free basic icons to ease switching

file text16.png was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.