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revert the change of yesterday for thread initialization (after the release), and modernize the code a little

Improved punctuations between title components (text, minutes, points)

improved robustness by stronger HTML quoting

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Made titles of subquestions configurable

bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

fix potential race conditions causing strange errors during startup

reduce verbosity

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file weblog-portlet.page was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file weblog.page was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

added range checking for page_size and page_number for weblog-portlet

modernized weblog-portlet code

moved weblog-portlet to the right place

bumped version number to 5.10.1d1

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added slot type "range" similar to page-contract-filter for improved value checking

fix release dates in .info files

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improve link for download file

improve link in download file

release work

file Announce-OpenACS-5.10.0 was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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cvs update for copied file

release work

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trim potentially partial lines

improve robustness also for not fully correctly setup includelet classes

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fix typo

whitespace changes

minor update of change log

Add the "/dotlrn" path without tailing slash to the exception list

This will cause just a redirect, but if the server is in a bad state, even this might take long.

Make sure a non-empty return URL is always provided when downloading a zipfile, or the javascript idiom implementing the redirect would return to the page itself and restart the archiving from scratch

Fix typo, increase api coverage

simplify code (allow warning, although i am not fully convinced, this is a good idea)

move documentation to the generic level, don't make methods public, which are intentionally non-public

factor out common code to reduce redundancies

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Improve doc

"timestamp with time zone" is the name of a DBMS datatype, needs to be spelled this way