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new API call "http_auth::basic_authentication_decode" to replace 3 distinct implementations of this logic

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Introduce a new callback hook for calendar item edit

Whitespace changes

clean dirty editor buffer

fix bug in basic authentication, when user password contains a colon

fix bug: never update references in the search renderer

before, it was possible that the search renderer added some

unsresolved references, although these were already fixed.

This was caused by the asynchrnous search queue, which

might have inserted such values.

The interface of Page.render was extended to be able to

specify, that the references should be always updated in the DB,

or just when unresolved references are encountered, or


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improve documentation

Added validation "oneof" to form element validations. It checks the user submitted value to be part of a predefined list of possible values of a form element. This is typically the case with widgets of type "select" or "multiselect".

bump version number to 1.2 to reflect changes

make sure, no handles are left over, when ns_ldap commands fail

break overlong lines

quote HTML attributes

whitespace cleanup and break overlong lines

whitespace changes

modernize Tcl code

fix documentation

align documentation with implementation

align implementation with code

add include contract

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Fix broken test case (broken in many dimensions)

improve spelling and comma settings

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improve spelling

improve spelling and comma settings

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allow empty string as value for locale

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improve spelling

improve comments

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add documentation to includelet

modernize Tcl

improve spelling