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improve comments

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add documentation to includelet

modernize Tcl

improve spelling

remove unneeded flag

make return arguments explicit

modernize Tcl

remove uneeded flag

use existing api

improve query parameter validation

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improve error message in case the value is not validated: return the proper variable name

improve input validaton on query variables

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validate user_locale

security improvements: add value constraints for query parameters

Revert cache flushing, as it was solved differently downstream

use value checker in xotcl-core in get_query_parameter_return_url

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bump version number to 5.10.0d21

Allow valuecheckers to be specified in query_parameter calls (implemented via argument checking)

Example: :query_parameter return_url:localurl /

add value checker for localurls

improve handling of invalid (hacked) ad_locale cookies.

Previously, invalid ad_locale cookies lead to an error, which in turn

prevented all communication with OpenACS. So, a user had to delete the

cookie manually. Now, we just produce a warning, ignore and delete such

broken cookies.

improve spelling

Force a complete flush also when setting a global parameter, other than when deleting

This operation seems superfluous upstream, but downstream code has some specific flushing behavior that would otherwise be applied only at deletion. The change is supposed to be merged in a way that will enable such specific flushing downstream

Keep returning the item id from next for code around expecting such behavior

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bump version number to 5.10.0d39 to refelect dependency on new svg-graph renderer on acs-tcl

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improving comments, variable names, and indentation

New includelet: references-graph

Include a graph of the (partial) link structure in a wiki,

starting either with a page or a folder. When a page is

provided, the local link structure of this page is

visualized (including incoming and outgoing links of the

page; e.g. -page "." for the current page).

Alternatively, the content of a folder can be shown.

file references-graph-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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improve spelling

base includelet "unresolved-references" on new table "xowiki_unresolved_references"

improve comment