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Port of downstream feature:

when rendering the exam protocol for teachers, allow to filter and sort questions and provide export buttons to supported formats.

Out of the box, submissions can be exported in csv. Via the optional Tcl package OOXML (https://fossil.sowaswie.de/ooxml) submissions can also be exported in .xls format.

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Fix syntax of new oneof value checker

upgraded to upstream version 11.2.0

Furthermore, the global admin page got an additional link for the changelog of highcharts.

Bumped version to 0.3.

bumped version number of upstream package to 1.11.2

Do not override existing classes on the submit button

Many thanks to Jonathan Kelley for reporting the issue

Do not pass the __csrf_token via return_url when the user is not logged-in

Passing the token seems to cause problems with web vulnerability scanners, that poison

the token value. The value of passing the token value for unregistered users

is questionable.

If this change is kept, it should go as well to the openacs-bootstral3.theme.

Only allow valid formats for conversion

Validate nls_language so that the only values allowed are existing enabled locales

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Implement a oneof value checker for xowiki query parameters

The ad_ filter was used to have a localized error message

Provide italian localization

Commit test suite

TLF Assignments for .LRN

This is a dotlrn applet providing functionality for conducting and

evaluating assignments. It has been used for university classes at WU

Vienna for more than 10 years.

With this module, you can

- define different assignment types (textbox-, file- or peer review


- assign homework to single students or

- define groups within the group manager and assign homework to

groups. Only one group member needs to turn in the homework, then

- provide feedback and grade assignments or return the assignments to

the students for resubmission.

- grade assignments once they are turned in, even if the submission

period has not yet expired.

- hand in assignments for students, eg pdf files you receive via email.

Many thanks to Markus Moser for authoring most of the code and the support while porting the code upstream.

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Fix inform field definition

Fix parenthesys in bulk actions

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder

Fix typo in comment

Get the preferred css toolkit via api, as this will introduce additional fallback logics with respect to the plain parameter

When using ad_dom_sanitize_html to validate markup, treat failure to parse as a normal validation failure, rather than an error

db_multirow: fall back to -local behavior, when used outside of an ADP file

The old behavior was, that when "db_multirow" was called outside an ADP

environment, an error was generated, since the uplevel was determined

without the "-local" flag by [template::adp_level]. Outside ADP,

the result of the function is empty, leading to an error that

a level "#" is invalid. Depending on an optional flag is strange

for a "db_*" command.

Now, the default behavior outside ADP file is local (i.e., when

calling outside ADP, the output variables are set in the calling

scope, unless a different "upvar_level" is specified).

Add package description, update owner email

remove encoding switching command

the command was there for the deactivated test "exec_binary_input".

The way, how encoding switching was performed, was unreliable,

since the nruns value of the proxy might expire between the

switching commands. If this is really necessary, a different solution

has to be designed

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Ensure scripts and internal use information are not rendered together with the content, in particular for dumber HTML renderer

Clear out old java codebase and update the docs referring to the previous java implementation

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Move the main chat rendering in an include to allow reuse in other contexts

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file chat.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file chat.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Increase proc coverage

Reitroduce missing query clause that should be executed when we retrieve the content of a text/* content item

Test that when content::item::get_content is called on a text/* mime typed content-item, an extra "text" attribute should be returned in the result array

This currently fails because of a missing query in the xql

Redefine content_item__get_virtual_path so that get_virtual_path__root_folder_id argument is not ignored

file upgrade-5.10.1b1-5.10.1b2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.