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Extend test: show that even when a field is defined as disabled, a request crafted to carry these fields will get through and the values will be stored

A fix will come shortly, similar to what was done for compound fields

added download support

many thanks for the help of Maonika Andergassen

Generalized "version_dir" handling a little for download specs

The problem was that bootstrap5 uses a version directory, which

consists of the version plus an extra string element. The previous

version assumed that the version is always used as a directory name.

Whe track now the versionDir information in the resource_info dict and

use this, when available (otherwise the version number is used as before).

The resource_info dict contains now the following path components:

# Provide paths for loading either via /resources/ or CDN


# "resourceDir" is the absolute path in the filesystem

# "resourceUrl" is the URL path provided to the request processor

# "versionDir" is the version-specific element both in the

# URL and in the filesystem.


bumped acs-tcl to 5.10.1d19

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whitespace changes

added new generic icon name: add-new-item

prefer parameter::get_from_package_key over fetching package_id first

Fix leftover jquery dependency

fix several bugs in "acs_object_type::supertype" and improve code sanity

Fix localization idiom

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Tighten page contracts

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Replace not portable sql idiom with existing api, improve caching, extend regression test

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upgrade to CKeditor 4.19.1

Changes: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/release-notes

Update to Boostrap 5.2.0

Bootstrap 5.2.0 was release on July 19, 2022

For changes in the new release, see


upgrade to boostrap icons 1.9.1

Version 1.9.0 introduces 140+ new icons. For details, see:


add missing page contract filter

... was missing since 22 years...

Make 'source_feeds_ok' test case 'production_safe'

file upgrade-5.10.1d9-5.10.1d10.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Adjust legacy data types of acs_object_types.object_type and acs_objects.object_type

This change addresses the problem mentioned in



which happens in some legacy applications (such as

e.g. openacs.org) where the data types of the following two

attributes are different.



On new installations (at least concerning the last 10 years) these

data types are the same. So, probably an update script was missing

ages ago.

Since this change affects the basic object structure, MANY views

depend on this datatype and have to be dropped and recreate to

allow the correction of the datatype.

Therefore, we do not want to run this script on all sites, but

only on those where it is necessary.

whitespace fixes

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Quick fix for problems with recursive query for type hierarchy on openacs.org

On OpenACS.org, the types for object_type in acs_objects and acs_object_types differs,

leading to a hard error in PostgreSQL. This is just a quick fix, the proper

fix is to investigate, why the types differ (other sites might be as well

affected by this) and to provide a proper update script.

Furthermore, the query is not Oracle compliant.

fix testcase as indicated by hector, extend regression test

Extend 'db__db_foreach' test case, exposing a regression in 'db_foreach' with an uneven number of columns

Added membership "expired" to membership states. "expired" can be

used for "dormant" accounts, which are neither "banned" nor "deleted".

file upgrade-5.10.1d8-5.10.1d9.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

fix linebreak with bad consquences (error on page)

added memory units to default values

deactivate useless warning

Improved db-functions db_list_of_nssets, db_list_of_lists, and db_foreach

These versions were developed in the conjunction with the NaviServer

ns_set reform. Especially ns_list_of_lists is improved, since it

avoids duplication of the data. This is especially important, when

queries return huge amount of data.

Harden page and include contracts using new acs-tcl feature

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